Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

This should be a very happy month for you since the part of your chart that is most lit up involves love, romance, leisure, entertainment, sports, and fun, as well as pregnancy, birth, and the tender care of children. Your creativity and imagination are also tucked gently into this area of your chart, and all of these areas can show growth and exciting development in March. It will be up to you to show the universe which area is your priority, for then you can direct substantial energy to that part of life where you want most to see something happen.

Over the years, you’ve been very focused on career, but lately, you’ve started to see that a life only filled with career success can seem flat, and you’ve been thinking about making the private side of your life richer and emotionally satisfying. You were very successful in this new priority—to enjoy love and a home life—in 2021 and most of 2022. If everything went right, you saw that life has many facets that shone brilliantly at the same time your career was growing. Usually, one has to concentrate on career or love life, but lucky you had the aspects that could benefit both at the same time.

This month, thanks to a sweet new moon March 10 in Pisces, 20 degrees, you will have one of the best shots of 2024 to expand and develop your private, emotional life with deepening love and romance. New moons stay in effect for weeks and months—precisely five and a half months—gradually getting weaker until the full moon arrives in the very same sign (Pisces) to end the new moon’s influence and replace it with the full moon’s culmination. That will happen this year on the full moon lunar eclipse on September 17 in Pisces (don’t be concerned—it will be incredibly friendly).

I love this month’s new moon on March 10 for a variety of reasons. First, both Jupiter and Uranus will be setting up a strong link between your fifth house of true love and your seventh house of marriage and commitment. Partnerships of all kinds—serious, commitments in love and marriage and also commitments in business—will shine. Usually, alliances formed in this house are sealed with a contract (and you sign papers when you wed, although, because it is so romantic, we often forget marriage is a contract). All relationships dazzle for you this month.

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