Monthly News from Susan Miller — April 2024

Dear Reader,

You are probably hearing on the news about the Great American eclipse, April 8, which will be a total eclipse of the Sun, a new moon in Aries, 19 degrees. NASA has a map that you might find helpful, so just type “Path of totality of the April 8 eclipse” and you will get to see it, as well as a chart of which cities will be best for viewing and the length of time of the eclipse. Or you can just go to In my report to you this month you will see how it will affect you.

If you would like to brush up on your knowledge of how eclipses work astrologically, I have written a very popular essay called “How to Deal with Eclipses.” You can google that title, and my article comes up first. Or you can click here:

My essay “How to Deal with Eclipses” is also on the premium, subscriber version of my app “Astrology Zone Horoscopes” ($4.99 a month on Apple App Store and Google Play). Download the free version, and then subscribe by going into the menu and tap on “subscribe.” Once you have the paid version, go into “Life, Love & More” then go into “Susan’s Essays,” and my piece on eclipses is listed third. There are a LOT of my articles on my app, including my 80- to 85-word daily ‘scopes per sign. You will never see advertising on the premium version of my app.

This eclipse is quite friendly, but you need to realize I cannot see your unique chart and how the eclipse will relate to other planets in your own chart. If you have not calculated your natal birth chart yet, you can do so at no charge on the home page of my site online and print it out. You will get my detailed written interpretations of your chart for free. Unlike other free charts online, I give you the degrees of your natal planets in your birth chart, and those degrees are critical to have in astrology. Note: You can only get your chart on my site, not on my app.

If you DO know your time of birth when calculating your chart, choose the “Placidus Tropical” algorithm. After you do your chart, note your ascendant or the rising sign (they are same thing, different words), and always read for your rising sign AND your Sun sign every month, for both are equal in importance.

If you DON’T know your time of use birth, you can run your chart anyway—select “Sunrise” for the time and “Whole House System” for the chart system. You won’t be able to know your rising sign, but you will know the sign where each of your planets were on the day you were born.

You will see a box under your chart with a list of planets, signs, and degrees, so keep those handy when you read my forecasts!

Come to my Eclipse Interactive Meeting on!

Friday April 12

5 PM to 8 PM EDT

2 PM to 5 PM PDT

10 PM to 1 AM GMT

I will have a very special audio meeting with Astrology Zone readers that will last 3 hours. This time we will share experiences about the two eclipses March 25 and April 8. I want you to give me lots of feedback—it will be fun to see how the eclipses affected each of you. We can always learn more about eclipses! My mother, who taught me astrology, always emphasized the importance of doing follow-up and getting feedback from readers, so I hope you will come join us.

If you are not a member of my #Astrologyone server on Discord, you need to have an invitation. This is Discord’s rules, as they must be sure you are a real person and not a bot. Just click this link below—

As you may recall, I went blind in both eyes last Autumn from September 17 to December 7 due to a severe eye infection, and that was a very scary period for me. It took a large chunk of time out of my writing schedule, and I had done work on The Year Ahead 2024. I assumed it was too late to publish my manuscript as an e-book, but the dear readers who make up my community on Discord urged me to do it. It is already a “best seller” on Amazon! Oh wow! Thank you!

My book is only available as an e-book, available on Amazon’s Kindle and on the Apple Books app. It is on many, many other devises, so go to the homepage of, find the book cover and just click it for more information. My e-book costs $9.99.

You can see everywhere it is available here:

Here is the link to order for Kindle on Amazon:

Thank you so much for supporting me and understanding my plight with my eyes!

Finally, before I go, I have a little surprise for you. I felt everyone needs something sweet to look forward to this coming summer in June, July, and August (to my readers below the equator—that will be your winter, and those months could also be fun!).

I wrote a short article just for you to tell you all about those three months.

I will send it to you only if you are on my Newsletter list. As you know, I don’t use my mailing list much because I personally don’t like to be bombarded with email, and I will never do that to you! I value your privacy, so I will never sell, show, or lend, your personal email to any individual or company.

To be on my newsletter list, click here. You will get an auto-email to confirm that indeed you want to be on my list (to “opt in”), so don’t forget to answer that confirmation. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the confirmation email in your regular inbox.

Some readers have come through some very tough times, so I wanted to provide a little sunshine and happiness. I think we all need special things to look forward to doing.

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I have been busy writing. I am half-way through writing my next 2025 calendar, and I hope to go to press in a few months. Typically, it takes seven months to create. We double- and triple-check every word—and then check it again. I log 16,500 words in it. Once you have my astrological calendar, you can use it to make plans and see what I say on all the days and months into the future.

News! DISCOUNT! My current Year Ahead 2024 Astrological Wall Calendar is now selling at a discount, 25% off, at $19.99 each plus shipping.

My calendar contains 13 months, including January 2025. (I always create a 13-month calendar.) The artwork is by the esteemed French artist, Izak Zenou, whose work you love.

If you go to my homepage on Astrology Zone, you will see the cover of this year’s calendar. Just click on it to go to the page to order it. I suggest you choose FedEx, the most reliable way to receive it. I don’t markup shipping costs; we charge the exact price that FedEx, UPS, and the United States Post Office charge us. (When choosing your carrier, USPS is the least reliable, I am so sorry to say.) I always pay your international VAT taxes for you, so you will never see those on your bill.

Thank you for all your support!

I hope I see you on on April 12!

Best wishes,