Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

There is a problem with next month, however—Mercury will be retrograde nearly all month, from April 1 to April 25. Because marriage is a contract, you would always need the planet of contracts, Mercury, in good, strong shape when you wed. In April, Mercury will be weak and debilitated. If you are ready to sign a contract, do so in March—the first week brings stellar aspects.

Early March would also be the time to buy a car, computer, smartphone, new TV, expensive headset, or any other electronic item you might have on your list. Also, don’t wait to buy an expensive item in April, such as furniture, a mattress, or precious gems. You will enjoy the item a lot more if you avoid buying these types of products in April. In March and May, your judgment will be working well, firing on all cylinders.

May is due to be the happiest, most divine, month of the year. It holds the Luckiest Days of this year, May 17-18, and so many other jewel-like, sparkling aspects. It’s like the universe spilled a sack of diamonds from its palm and scattered them all over the night sky—there are so many wonder days! You can see them all on my calendar that I sell on Astrology Zone—I list them and tell you why they are special right on the day they happen. (See my home page or click here to see more information. This is best done on your laptop or desktop rather than your phone.)

Now let’s look at the activities of Mars, one of the ruling planets of Scorpio, which is in your fourth house of home and family as the month opens. Mars has been moving through Aquarius since last month, February 13, when you may have been focused on improving the look and feel of your home—moving, renovating, making repairs, doing maintenance, asking the painters to come in, or refreshing the décor.

If you feel your home or other property you own or rent is fine as is, you might instead have been focused on helping a family member, such as a parent or one of your children. Mars will remain in this area of your chart until March 22, so you still have time when you can make the most progress.

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