Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

It is hard to say how you will react—it could be a good secret or one that shocks you, and in that case, you will need time to meditate on it as well as find out the reason that person withheld it from you. I am not saying this will definitely happen—not at all—but because there is a chance this would come up for some Scorpios, I don’t want you to feel blindsided by the incident. It could have something to do with a work project that is coming to culmination at the office.

The best part about this full moon lunar eclipse in Libra is that Pluto in Aquarius will be in ideal angle and degree to support this full moon. This tells me that your family will support you 100%, and they will stand by to help you if there’s anything you need. Jupiter and Uranus will send you a big bouquet of sparkling aspects too, so your partner will also support you in every way possible.

Neptune, as said, will be spinning fog by being so close to the Sun in an out-of-sign opposition to the full moon, but Neptune’s simply outnumbered. Also, with Saturn in the same house as Neptune, you will stay clear-eyed, practical, and realistic. The smart money is betting on you to make all the right choices, dear Scorpio.


You are a hard worker, and you drive yourself to excel, but March is made for romance. Not since 2022 have you had as much planetary support in this area of your life. If you are single and ready for a genuine, supportive, and long-term relationship, the new moon of March 10 will be your friend.

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