Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be staunchly allied to this new moon from his position in your seventh house of marriage. If you are dating and serious about each other, this could be a landmark month, for you may get engaged or wed. If you are single and not dating, you will likely meet the kind of partners that you’d say are marriage material. Be out and about, circulating as much as you can.

The same area of the chart is known to bring happiness through children. If you hope for a baby, this would be the month to get serious about starting your family or adding another child—as they say, the force is with you. If you have children, plan a surprise for them—something special, such as a trip that will build a memory.

This new moon will also help you find joy in your creativity and further encourage your talent to blossom. If you apply yourself to your craft, you may be surprised by the quality of your output. Begin your project after the new moon appears, March 10, and you will have something you will be proud to show others.

In addition to the new moon, you have an enchanting Venus about to move into the perfect sign for you—Pisces—from March 11 until April 4. Sunday, March 24, could be very special because Venus will send a missive to Jupiter, linking your sector of love to the one of marriage. If you are not ready to wed, you may make a commitment or promise to your partner that will help you both build the relationship, such as to save together for a house, have a baby, or take a long-desired vacation.

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