Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

Joining forces, whether in love, by getting engaged or married, or making promises to a business partner, now should turn out to be quite successful.

I will say this: This month, March, for Scorpio will be all about romantic love, and later, two months from now in May, you will find it to be the ideal month to make a joyous commitment.

In terms of business, March will be about blossoming creativity and profits made with a business partner or middleman—you will benefit from having an intermediary or someone to speak for you. Some examples of a business partner, to get you thinking, aside from a bone fide business partner, would be your accountant, bookkeeper, lawyer, agent, writing partner, publicist—even a wedding planner. You may be switching to a new professional if you have one of these sorts of people in your life. A partner in business works with you in a confidential, one-to-one way. You prize this person for their expertise, current knowledge of their industry, and perhaps their contacts that would help you get ahead with your business.

The place of the March 10 new moon, at 20 degrees Pisces in your fifth house, holds several planets in addition to the Sun and new moon. You have Saturn, the teacher planet, in Pisces too, which will stay until February 2026. Saturn demands much but delivers enormous long-term security, if you work with Saturn and meet his challenges.

If you are dating and serious about each other, this could be a landmark month, for you may get engaged or wed.

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