Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

Having Saturn in your fifth house for the first time in three decades means that over the past year and looking forward until early 2026, love is serious for you, not at all frivolous or casual. If you are single, you will want to meet, marry, and begin building a life with the person of your dreams. You would not want to tell your life story over and over to each new person you date—you are ready for a serious relationship. That new maturity will be attractive. (Becoming more mature and longing for a stable marriage happens at different ages for different people.)

If you are dating seriously, your sweetheart is leading the relationship now, and all indications are that your partner is ready to commit to you. Your partner may not be sure if you are ready to wed, so if you like, this month you can drop a subtle hint. I say this only if you have been dating a reasonable amount of time. Dropping hints about wanting to wed too early in the relationship will only drive a partner away. Timing is everything, but you certainly do have lovely aspects in March, April, and May.

If you are already married, you likely need more fun. Your partner is doing well (judging by the position of Jupiter), and you are benefiting from his or her prosperity, or soon will. Consider the idea of weaving a memory—it would be an ideal month to take a vacation together, if only just for a long weekend.

Another possible influence of Saturn in the fifth house is that conception is taking a little longer than you anticipated, and as said, this trend will continue through February 2026. Start trying early. Saturn will not prevent you from having a baby, but it does show that you might need the help of a fertility expert.

If you have a baby and are feeling surprised at how much work is involved with such a little creature, rest assured, it gets easier. This is Saturn’s influence, and by February 2026, you will be in a completely new place. By then, taking care of your child or children will be far more fun than work, so hang in there, and accept help for the time being.

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