Scorpio Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

Enjoy the romantic vibrations that will be in the air until you get to the full moon eclipse on March 25 in Libra. After the eclipse appears, you will enter a time when you’ll want rest and privacy. A full moon eclipse in the twelfth house, as you will have, can cause a secret to quickly move to the surface. It may be a secret someone withheld from you, or it could be a secret that you withheld from others.

Secrets come in all shapes and sizes—some are a delight, others are not—but learning the contents of a secret can help you protect yourself, even if the secret is one you hoped never to hear. On the other hand, if you have a secret you are holding in, be careful, for this full moon may bring your secret out in the open. You have so many good aspects all month, I can’t imagine anything that would ruffle your little feathers.

Also in March, especially in the early part of the month, you seem to continue to have a lot of activity centered on your home. With your ruler Mars in your home sector until March 22, you can be highly productive when achieving home-related goals. You may be intent to find a new house or condo to buy, to call in the painters, make repairs, or plan a redesign of your home—you choose the one that feels best. I sense your home is feeling small and that you need more space. With Mars’ lover Venus also in your home sector until March 11 (the day after the new moon), you are likely to adore the beautiful results you achieve no matter what you choose to do.

Once Venus leaves your home sector on March 11 and Mars leaves March 22, they both will enter your fifth house of true love, but both will work with the new moon March 10 to make your emotional life richer and more romantic. Feather your (home) nest, dear Scorpio, and then invite love in.

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