Cancer Horoscope for April 2024

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APRIL 2024

Dear Reader,

You are probably hearing on the news about the Great American eclipse, April 8, which will be a total eclipse of the Sun, a new moon in Aries, 19 degrees. NASA has a map that you might find helpful, so just type “Path of totality of the April 8 eclipse” and you will get to see it, as well as a chart of which cities will be best for viewing and the length of time of the eclipse. Or you can just go to In my report to you this month you will see how it will affect you.

If you would like to brush up on your knowledge of how eclipses work astrologically, I have written a very popular essay called “How to Deal with Eclipses.” You can google that title, and my article comes up first. Or you can click here:

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Your April 2024 Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

Life is about to become exciting, especially because migrating planets have entered Aries and are filling your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Those celestial bodies are Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the new moon solar eclipse in Aries, 19 degrees, on April 8. This new moon arrives as a total eclipse of the Sun, which is a very powerful new moon, meant to open up new options and opportunities. It will affect you where the eclipse appears, which is in your prestigious career sector.

New moons have a long tail and can affect you for months, so your career appears poised to take a giant step forward, and this is not a fluke or temporary situation. It’s the start of all good things, including admiration and applause for your work well done. This is a trend that will last.

Indeed, your career will be on fire this month, and even if you think there is no way you will be promoted, given a new title, suddenly read a story about yourself in the press, or even be tapped by another firm for an exciting high-level job—just wait. Rarely have I seen such activity in your career house, so good things appear ready to spring into being.

Although these events will happen fast, you will need to slow things down as best you can. Mercury will be retrograde from April 1 to April 25, and Mars, the action planet, will be orbiting with Saturn all month, which will bring a need for caution and research before you jump into anything new. You CAN move swiftly in your best month of the year—May, next month—but for now, make sure you understand all facets of the role you may be taking on.

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