Cancer Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

March will be kind to you, for most of the planets will be supportive of all you need to do. You will likely travel, work on bringing in more income, see friends, have time for a spontaneous, quick romantic getaway, and possibly see a major change to either your home, other property you may own, want to sell, or rent, or make a decision involving a dear family member. For this, watch the time near March 25, which will bring a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra.

Eclipses come in pairs, and the second one will arrive April 8 as a new moon total eclipse of the Sun in Aries. It, too, will be very friendly and will be powerful enough to bring a massive opportunity and beneficial change to your standing in your firm and industry. You have a lot going on!

As you begin the month, you seem to have high expenses, but you also have a strong ability to bring in a generous income. Mars will still be in Aquarius in your eighth house of other people’s money, a holdover from last month when Mars first entered this part of your chart on February 13. Mars in that position would likely make you focus on loans, credit cards, taxes, and so forth, but you will also have Venus orbiting close to Mars, an indication that money is flowing into you, too—Mars will remain in Aquarius until March 22.

If you work in sales, you may be due for a large commission or bonus, or if you own a business (including an Airbnb), customers will be beating a path to your door. If you are in court or dividing assets in a divorce, your chances are superb for getting a generous settlement. If you are in college, you may get financial aid for your tuition. You may get an inheritance or win a charity raffle or money on a TV game show. If you sent in a claim to an insurance company, you may be approved a large sum. If you are doing your taxes, you may be surprised to see you owe less than you estimated or even that you are getting a tax refund.

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