Cancer Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

This month, it looks like you will be making a decision about your living quarters or a family member—a child or a parent, for example—who you have been trying to help. Full moon eclipses are always important for they have the strength of three full moons rolled into one. Eclipses bring memorable events you may long remember in the months and years ahead.

Changes you are attempting to make in the home can be expensive, such as trying to help a family member financially or emotionally and to care for their well-being. It is also expensive to make home improvements, move house, or make changes in other property you may own, want to buy, sell, or rent. This eclipse will bring closure and a final decision.

You will have no worries, though, for with Pluto in perfect attitude to this full moon, it appears you will have all the money you will need to press forward. The money may come to you through a home improvement loan or mortgage, a gift from other family members, from a government social program, or from your own savings, investments, commissions, or royalties or a cash advance.

This eclipse in Libra will put Venus in charge of how things will play out, and remarkably, Venus will be in supreme condition thanks to a perfect, sparkling beam Venus will receive from good-fortune Jupiter and surprise planet Uranus, both situated in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. You could not wish for better aspects. If you are selling property, you should do well, too. Jupiter and Uranus will be supportive of Saturn, suggesting you will be happy with your actions, and your decisions will stay in place a long time.

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