I am Taurus, My Lover is Aquarius

It is easy to see the attraction here, but “Can it last?” is the important question. Your Aquarius lover has alluring, mysterious charm. He or she is distant, cool, analytical, intellectual, and seems maddeningly preoccupied. You will respect the Aquarius mind and mastery over his or her profession. Often called geniuses, Aquarias grasp highly technical subjects with ease, and keep their focus firmly on tomorrow. Aquarius’ role is to break down established structures and replace what has been swept away with something better. As a Taurus, you aren’t like this — your focus is on the here and now, with the added role of preserving what was created yesterday. Aquarius have their inherent rebellious streak: They must challenge the status quo, something which might not sit right with you. You like social approval — something they couldn’t care less about.

In personality, you are warm and sharing, and although Aquarius are too, they have a very different way of showing affection. After a while, you are likely to notice that your lover holds himself or herself at a slight distance. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of individuality. The distance you are sensing is their fear of getting too close, for it could mean the loss of self. This terrifies your sweetheart, and you need to take this concern seriously, even though it is something you can’t relate to. Being ruled by Venus the planet of love and affection, Taurus find fear of closeness an alien concept; however, developing his or her identity is a true lifelong quest to an Aquarius. Your possessiveness and occasional bouts of jealousy could turn your lover off. If this pairing is going to work, you have to accept what your Aquarius is capable of giving you. Whether this will ever be enough for you is the question. You need a lot of closeness.

There will be more serious challenges, too. Because both of you are fixed signs, neither of you is likely to make a concerted effort to resolve conflicts that crop up. Both of you learned early in life that you can win arguments by employing your steely resolve. This inevitably leads to an impasse. If one or both of you has compatible earth or water planets in your individual charts there could be flexibility on at least on one side. Let’s hope so! Otherwise, you both are going to have to try very hard to abandon your stubbornness.

In bed, your Aquarius lover is exciting and inventive, but he or she may find you a little conservative or emotionally clingy. To an Aquarius, making love is just one more interesting thing to do, while sex is a far bigger deal to you. Aquarius are certainly capable of true love, but their need for a no-strings-attached relationship may seem just too loose and impetuous for you. You have no desire to date others (your beloved may not either), but you will promise fidelity. Yet your Aquarius won’t commit simply on principle (at least in the early stages). The whole idea of belonging to someone can make an Aquarius squirm.

A parting word: We are only studying Sun signs here. If your Aquarius has lots of Capricorn planets in his or her horoscope (which is possible since Venus, the Moon, Mercury and even Mars could be close to the Sun at any given time), you will find this relationship far easier than I have described. Something drew you two together, so have a look at your full horoscopes to get the entire picture.

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