Qualities of the Fixed Signs:

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

The role of the Fixed signs is to maintain, uphold and defend positions, responsibilities, goals or desires in everyday situations. These signs are the least welcoming of change. Their role in the zodiac is to preserve tradition. Fixed signs are not easily distracted–they keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. They can be a bit stubborn or stuck in a rut, a down side of their ability to stay the course. Yet these signs are valued for their consistent, loyal, devoted, reliable and patient natures. Yes, they do hold strong opinions and at times they can be inflexible, but there are some areas in life that those traits are needed and even encouraged. How each sign expresses the Fixed Quality depends on their own characteristics:

Taurus: Fixed Quality, Earth Element: The Earth element of a Taurus’ Fixed nature makes them focus on the accumulation of material possessions, and moves Taurus’ to guard what they earn or accumulate. Since Tauruses have sensuous natures, they enjoy the tactile quality of tangible objects. They care for other people’s property in the same responsible manner as their own, and often wind up in positions of professional guardianship. The insurance business is a perfect industry for Taurus, because of its focus on security. Tauruses are oriented to the here-and-now and need to see tangible fruits of their labors. In short, some signs don’t mind being more famous than rich, but not Taurus. Being a practical earth element, they want to see the cash.

Leo: Fixed quality, Fire element: The Fire element of Leo’s Fixed nature makes this sign powerfully self-expressive and many Leos are highly artistic and creative. This sign will latch on to an idea and wrestle it to the ground, not stopping until it is expressed in a manner which Leo believes is best. The lion is known as “King of the Jungle,” and Leo will assert his or her masterful authority at all times–whether that authority be real or imagined. Their efforts are buttressed by one overwhelmingly attractive quality–self confidence. Few signs are as a good at psyching out their competitors and uncovering the secret to their success!

Scorpio: Fixed quality, Water element: Due to the Water element of this sign, Scorpio’s role is to strengthen emotions and feelings–theirs and others–and make them permanent. Since their goal is to get others to reach a final agreement, commit to a strategy, and move forward, it is easy to see why they do so well in sales, negotiations, and interpersonal relationships. Scorpio’s need for control can make them jealous or possessive. This can be a charming or not-so-charming trait, depending on whether or not they go off the deep end with it. (“There was a little girl with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid.” Very Scorpio, male or female.) Scorpios work in purposeful ways. You can always sense a wellspring of power simmering just under the surface. Want to change a Scorpio’s mind? Good luck! Their Fixed nature can be maddening, yet their steadfast loyalty to those they love is also one of their endearing qualities. Their intense, smoldering passion (Water sign) makes them mesmerizing.

Aquarius: Fixed quality, Air element: Aquarius’s foundation in Air–a communicative element–mixed with their Fixed quality drives this sign to make their friendships permanent. Few signs take friendship as seriously as Aquarius, and they tend to keep, defend, and care for their friends over a lifetime. Another role of Aquarius is to create and found groups and organizations, for their natural domain is over the 11th sector. Being a radical sign ruling the future, some Astrology Zone readers may be surprised to hear Aquarius is a Fixed sign–one would expect them perhaps be Mutable. However, Aquarius’ Fixed nature is demonstrated in their scientific and orderly minds and their insistence on maintaining strict procedures to insure they obtain the most accurate results. Aquarius does forge into the future, but not in the rash, impulsive way an Aries might. Rather, Aquarius insists on total objectivity–you won’t find any emotionality or preconceived ideas. Their Fixed quality makes them dogged in their pursuit of discovery–and it is a rare Aquarian that does not eventually hit pay dirt with that kind of intent! After all, Aquarius is the sign of the inventor!