Venus rules your affections, your heart, love life, and your pleasures, including gifts. This feminine planet also rules beauty, fashion, adornment, and art. The planet of grace makes the world more attractive and fun. There is another thing about Venus that not many people know about: Venus’ placement in a chart can also bring strong financial favor and material gain.

Venus is the governess of all that is beautiful. Venus can bring to us opportunities to hear music, eat good food, enjoy a beautiful perfume, appreciate a good wine, or be motivated to see a great art exhibit. Venus can even help you seduce your lover. What a dreary world it would be without Venus!

Venus is alluring, magnetic and receptive. This is one planet that is never aggressive. (Assertiveness would be left to Mars, her cosmic lover; they make a great pair!) Venus is able to get her way by using charm instead of force. Some see this planet as a bit hedonistic; it’s true Venus tends not to be deeply thoughtful, ethical or moral. Thinking about consequences is a job left to Saturn. Deciding what is just is left to Jupiter. Cold hard analysis of facts and data is Mercury’s job. (The information you get from Mercury is usually quite reliable, because its observations are completely unemotional.)

Like Mercury, Venus stays close to the Sun. It remains in a sign for two to three lovely weeks; unless it retrogrades, in which case it can stay in a sign for as long as five months. This planet typically takes from ten to twelve months to tour all twelve signs, though it can take longer if it retrogrades. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus and Libra.