Monthly News from Susan Miller — May 2024

Dear Reader,

May will be a beautiful month. I have been telling friends that in May it will be raining diamonds! It just sparkles brilliantly. Since January, many planets have been traveling in same-sign groups. By clustering together, the planets are able to make a single, clear statement that will show you where the goodness lies and where you should focus your energies in order to be able to access their gifts.

In May, five planets will be in Taurus, so wherever you have Taurus in your chart, that’s where your attention will be drawn.

There are many beautiful aspects in May. In my report for you, I will show you examples of how best to use these sparkling aspects.

The new moon in Taurus of May 7 is a peach, with almost every planet in our solar system bolstering that new moon. This will help you clearly see how you can take advantage of all the new moon’s opportunities. The new moon will majestically arrive with her partner the Sun and Venus, the planet of beauty, grace and love, who will take the lead as mistress of ceremonies.

Uranus, planet of surprise, will attend and, of course, so will the guest of honor, Jupiter, planet of good fortune. This is a going-away party for Jupiter, for he is about to journey out of Taurus on May 25. Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto will all send gifts from afar, and I will show you how that will benefit you.

One of my favorite days will be the Luckiest Day in the Year, on May 18, when the Sun will align with Jupiter in Taurus. It will have an area of influence of plus or minus two days. This is a spectacular aspect, and in your report I give you ways of how to use this rare day to stimulate you to think of more ideas to take advantage of this day.

The full moon on May 23 will appear in Sagittarius, and it, too, will be surrounded with happy planets. Jupiter will take the lead at the full moon and remarkably will be conjunct Venus, another five-star aspect, this one being special for romance for some, and for others will bring money or other blessings.

On the same day as the full moon May 23, Venus will be sextile Neptune, a highly glamorous and enchanting romantic aspect, and Jupiter will sextile Neptune as well—this aspect is just as magical, especially for Pisces, as these are Pisces’ two rulers working together. These aspects sparkle like jewels. It’s hard to find even one specimen as strong as these in any one month, and in May we have handfuls of these gems.

On May 25 Jupiter will make his monumental move to Gemini. Gemini will be crowned the celestial favorite and enjoy their Emerald Year from May 25, 2024, to June 9, 2025, a period of over one year. Everyone will have something big to celebrate, for Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and happiness, will enter a new part of your chart and pour his luck into that area.

If you have my Year Ahead 2024 Calendar, I suggest you read all the special days in May and put your own star on ones that sound perfect for you. There were too many to put in my column this month. If you don’t have my calendar, which includes January 2025, it is a collectable with stunningly beautiful artwork by Izak Zenou. It is now 30% off the original price of $26.99, now selling for $18.99. To get it, go to the homepage at

In it, I wrote about every important aspect of 2024—the calendar has over 16,000 words in all.

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Now a note on my life. The eclipse brought a sudden, massive flood in my apartment, and I will have to move out for nine months while my contractor works fixing the floors and takes out some walls to check for mold. Naturally, I am under major stress and can’t sleep. I will have to pack up everything I own, which is a monumental task, and I will enlist helpers. I have flood insurance, but only my bedroom was affected by the flood, so I while I change the wood floor in that room, I feel I have to do the floor of the entire apartment so that they match. Of course, insurance won’t cover all that!

When I was small, I remember my mother was frequently calling in the painter. She loved the feel of a freshly painted apartment; I do, too. I will ask the painters to do all the rooms and all the closets. I will fix a lot of the electrical system too because I need it—when I run the dishwasher and the vacuum cleaner at the same time, the entire apartment blows a circuit. Other improvements will be on my list since I might as well do them if I have to move temporarily.

I am not doing a Discord evening until I figure out where I am going to live. I will be back to you soon because I really do love my three-hour audio sessions with you on Discord. I will be back to you very shortly!

In the meantime, enjoy May!