Mars is the planet that energizes other planets or houses of the zodiac. This is an aggressive, assertive, forceful, energetic, courageous, competitive, and daring planet.

This Red Planet governs the whole spectrum of masculine elements, from sex to war. Known as the Warrior planet, Mars is known for its courage, passion, pure strength and stamina. As such, Mars is also famous for its ability (when in harmony) to help you outlast and outdistance adversaries.

Mars governs all sharp instruments, fire, and anything combustible. Mars must be in a harmonious placement to be of help for any endeavor that requires endurance and determination. When its rays are positive, Mars has an ability to lend survival instincts to any situation.

Mars allows you to keep progressing even when the going gets rough. If Mars is too energetic, an emotional outburst could erupt, or there may be danger of a physical accident. If you are looking for a sense of spirit or gusto in just about any endeavor, Mars could provide that.

Mars takes two years to go around the zodiac, and stays in each sign for six or seven weeks. If it retrogrades back and forth in a sign, it can settle in for as many as seven or eight months. It is the natural ruler of Aries, and the co-ruler of Scorpio.