Imparts Form and Structure

April 21- May 21
December 22 – January 20
August 24 – September 22

The earth element is all about imposing form, structure and foundation to projects, businesses and just about anything else that needs it, for earth signs build things. They are the producers of the zodiac, the ones that make things happen. Earth signs turn dreams into reality, whether their own or those of people around them. They understand all the steps one needs to take, from drawing up a budget, to scheduling deadlines, to overseeing the work flow to completion.

Dedicated and responsible, you can count on an earth sign for good follow-through. Earth signs have a talent for harnessing available resources and making the most of them. A big part of their success is their “earthy” practicality. They are perceptive and realistic–you won’t find any self-delusion here. Another earth sign asset is an uncannily precise sense of timing, a big advantage in any endeavor. They are loyal, patient and stable too, and their naturally cautious, conservative personality prevents them from rushing in and squandering time, money or labor. They prefer to make long-range plans. Highly ambitious and goal-oriented, this group has a powerful will to succeed and usually do.

The Earth element is expressed in Taurus by seeking out security and material possessions. Taurus’ sensuous nature and orientation toward tangible things makes them wonderful museum curators, for they enjoy protecting and evaluating the value of precious artifacts.

In Virgo, the earth element will be expressed by guarding health, and perhaps working as a biologist, fitness instructor, or doctor. Virgo rules over the 6th house covering the well-being of the body, and also daily work procedure and service. So, another way Virgo expresses their earthiness is in their penchant for thorough research and solid organization, which they fine-tune for peak performance. Virgo’s natural tendency is to refine whatever they tackle to the tiniest detail. Virgos make great writers, managers, librarians, accountants, and excel in areas where organization and precision is important.

Capricorn uses their practical earth element to communicate chain-of-command within large companies or in government. They know that without organization, large companies or government would be completely chaotic. Their respect for hierarchy leads them to increased career authority and social standing in their community. Capricorn usually excels by working within large companies, as leaders of their department, division or as company CEO.