I am Taurus, My Lover is Virgo

This is a heavenly mix, so if you are attracted to a Virgo, grab this lover and hold on tight! Both of you are earth signs, indicating you want many of the same things: a productive life, money in the bank, and time to spend on intellectual and cultural activities.

Virgos are the worriers and Taurus are the experts at soothing, so you are a perfect match. The reason for Virgos’ constant worrying stems from their sense of responsibility. They are afraid of letting someone down, like their boss, kids, friends or you, by not accomplishing what they promised. You are steadfast and true-blue too, but you rarely worry about anything, so you find your Virgo’s concerns lovable, and may even offer to pitch in and help. You two keep your heads out of the clouds, so you will probably agree on most of the big decisions you’ll make together. Peace and harmony is your number one goal Taurus, and you’ll get it with your Virgo lover. Best of all, Virgo will give you the complete fidelity you crave, for they have integrity all the way down to their toes, and want a one-and-only, too.

You will be stimulated by Virgos’ razor-sharp mind and sound reason. Virgos’ rulership by nimble Mercury has its rewards. Virgos are super-organized and always happy to help out. Words and ideas flow easily for Virgos, and they make superb teachers and communicators. Should you find yourself in a crisis, your Virgo can come up with many battle plans. Since Virgo is a mutable sign, and you’re a fixed one, you will find your beloved infinitely more flexible and adaptable than you are. You will be amazed at your Virgo’s resourcefulness. You have substantial gifts with which to influence your Virgo in return, not the least of which is your focus on your chosen path in life. This shows your strength of purpose, patience and determination. Your Virgo is restless and needs instant gratification, but your soothing presence will help him or her cope more realistically with life’s vicissitudes.

So, what kind of energy do you generate when the lights go out? Since you are such a masterful lover, your Virgo will be responsive and warm, and fulfill your fantasies of what love is all about. But bear in mind that Virgos are often a little reserved at first. Use that Taurus patience. Sometimes love can get predictable, but since Virgo sread so much, your lover is sure to come back with a new idea he or she would be willing to try. Virgos are also great communicators, and in lovemaking that is a big plus.

When the planets and signs are arrayed this well in a love match, the lovers can speak in code or with just a look to each other, and all will be understood. Your Virgo’s Sun sign lights up your 5th house of true love, so you see, it couldn’t get any better than this!


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