Fifth House

The fifth house reflects the spark of new love and true love, your experience in romance, and the fun you have in leisure, sports, and possibly vacations. In many ways, the fifth house is all about having fun and enjoying life.

The ancient astrologers put a powerful emphasis on children in the fifth house—the conception, pregnancy, birth, and care for them that you do throughout your life. Although the fifth house rules all your children in general, it puts special emphasis on the first, eldest, child. (Your second child is ruled by the seventh house, the third child by the ninth houses, the fourth child by the eleventh house, and so on, always skipping one house around the wheel.)

The fifth house also rules your creativity, which could be any imaginative, artistic effort you are serious about. It could also be a pastime you take more lightly but enjoy thoroughly, such as a favorite hobby. It is the house of artistic expressions and also the house where you would come to appreciate art, music, theatre, dance, poetry, and all the graphic, motion, or theatrical arts.

Games and games of chance, risk, and speculation come under this sector.

The fifth sector is naturally ruled by the Sun, giver of life and strength, center of our solar system, and the sign Leo.