I am Taurus, My Lover is Sagittarius

Fell for a Sagittarius? Don’t expect this union to be all sweetness and light. You’ve got work to do and the question is whether or not your natural inertia will permit you to dig in and do it.

Your lover is ruled by Jupiter the planet of bountiful luck. You will discover your lover brims with optimism. In contrast, you are always preparing for a rainy day; you will be the staunch realist and the practical part of this twosome. Your lover could come to view you as dark and gloomy, and in turn, you may think your Sagittarius is a tad too willing to live life on the edge. As a fixed sign, you aren’t likely to change your point of view, but since your partner is a mutable sign — and therefore more adaptable — he or she will probably curtail his or her spending to accommodate your need for a secure lifestyle. There is one area which will call for your understanding: Sagittarius need to travel occasionally and indulge their interest in study. Even though you won’t always be able to fathom why this is so critically important, you will be likely to oblige your lover in this regard. Luckily, Taurus usually make good incomes. One of you is going to have to fully or partially front Sagittarius’ expenses.

You are more commitment-minded, which is going to cause initial problems. You will be ready to exchange rings and vows sooner than your Sagittarius, for this is the sign of the bachelor (male or female). Individuality and freedom of movement are priorities to Sagittarius. Understand that your lover needs freedom to develop his or her full potential, not to two-time you or to be promiscuous. You, on the other hand, are very possessive, so be prepared for your Sagittarius to rebel against any demands you make. Press too hard with “to have and to hold” and Sagittarius will be out the door and running for the airport.

Your ways of expressing yourselves are different, too. You have always seen yourself as a basically rational and truthful person. But if you feel your opinion is going to offend someone, Venus your ruler, will make you think twice about blurting your thoughts out harshly. You believe some things are better left unsaid. However, Sagittarius almost never agree with this line of thinking, so you may often find yourself on the receiving end of a blunt remark that will take days to recover from. When you bring your feelings to your Sagittarius’ attention, he or she will be amazed to learn that this comment hurt you so much. Sagittarius are blind to their harsh honesty. Just ask your lover’s friends who had to develop the ego-armor to protect themselves. Because this person is your lover, you are more vulnerable and easily hurt, so beware. Sagittarius won’t mend his or her ways (he or she doesn’t even know what the problem is), so it may come down to figuring out just how many comments you can take in a given period, before you’ll give up. This could be the single most difficult aspect about the Sagittarius personality for you to accept.

In matters of business and finance, you both groove on the same frequency. Working together on a business venture could be fun and profitable. Sagittarius lights up your house of joint resources and money gained, and you light up Sagittarius’ house of daily work and service. The two of you are just made to work together on something! Sagittarius’ intelligent, influential friends could provide the key you need to start this project, so don’t hesitate to ask your beloved for help!

Sexually, your lover’s fire sign could spark the flaming love affair you’ve dreamt of. Sagittarius crave more than just a purely physical experience, but as an earth sign you are passionate and sensual but not particularly spiritual or romantic. Your earthiness prevents you from getting carried away, which is exactly what your Sagittarius wants. The lack of this extra depth of feeling will have your intellectual lover pondering what’s up, but he or she may never really figure it out. You will be wondering why your sweetheart is scrutinizing your relationship so closely. If this should come up, realize that you should try to be a bit more romantic and sentimental.

There may be other planets in your individual horoscopes that make this union work, but on the surface, you can see there will be obstacles. Still, your lover will make you feel less set in your ways, and will bring zest and a sense of discovery to your all-too-routine lifestyle. You will make many new friends and see much more of the world. In turn, you will give your Sagittarius a solid foundation, with wise advice and far greater security. If you both want to give this a try, you have many rewards in store.

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