I am Virgo, My Lover is Scorpio

Is it true that we learn the most from those we love? If so, your Scorpio lover has much to teach you. The Virgo/Scorpio combination can be mystical. If you have known and loved different Scorpios, each one will be unique and have a different spiritual gift for you.

Ruled by Pluto, your lover won’t allow you to analyze him or her too thoroughly, for as soon as you do, he or she will change and surprise you. You can never really know a Scorpio; their feelings run deep underground to the very roots of their souls, and it would take a lifetime to figure Scorpios out. Do you know what makes them so supremely sexy? Confidence — Scorpios have it in spades. Not prone to being egotistical, they have a very good grasp on their strengths and limitations, as you do. They work well within parameters, with incredible efficiency, intensity and focus. In other words, they use what they have to the max.

Scorpios show very few of their feelings on the surface. Still waters run so deep (Scorpio is a water sign), you may never know the full extent of your Scorpio’s love for you. Scorpios are possessive, which may initially annoy you (Virgos need time to analyze a relationship and don’t like to be rushed). But when you finally do commit, you will experience Scorpio’s intense compassion, generosity, loyalty and fidelity.

Signs that are two signs away from one another in the zodiac form an opportunity aspect with each other’s Sun signs — indicating just how good a Scorpio can be for you! You are a worrier, but a Scorpio has such strength and power that you will be calmed by your lover’s presence. Scorpios aren’t reckless; they plan for the future and know where they’re going — very appealing qualities to you. Moreover, Scorpios like to save money, and when they do spend, their purchases are well thought out. You don’t have extravagant needs either, and a big nest egg makes you feel secure.

Your Scorpio escapes the world sometimes, and so do you. Nothing helps either one of you feel new again better than a change of environment, so traveling to a place near water or the mountains could be especially good for you two. The old saw, “a change is as good as a rest” must have been said by a Virgo because Virgos feel better after any trip, even business trips. Virgos are nothing if not self-sufficient, and your lover will pay you enormous respect for that quality.

Sex is particularly wonderful with a Scorpio. The 8th house, which rules material gifts, is under the natural rulership of Scorpio. Thus, Scorpios understand the potential for gift-giving’s transformation power in a way no other sign can. Scorpios have enormous spiritual depth because they are a sensitive, emotional water sign. As an earth sign, you often hesitate on the emotional shore, afraid to dive into the dark and bottomless sea of passion — yet this lover should be able to explore the very depths of the ocean of love. Unlike other solely spiritual signs, Scorpios are lusty and erotic, and expect here-and-now physical passion, too. Scorpios understand that great lovemaking is both a ritual of holy purity and wanton abandon in the heat of love. Your Scorpio will raise your expectations of pleasure and bring you to a level of passion you never thought possible. As a water sign, Scorpio will stir your heart and bring out untouched and undiscovered emotions in you.

Don’t be too literal, too inquisitive, or too determined to get to the bottom of your lover’s psyche. Scorpios need mystery and privacy and, oddly enough, you do too (although you may never have considered it before). Don’t misread Scorpio’s silences or let them bring you down. Offer your Scorpio your trust, and he or she will give you unimagined delights in return, with all the stability, fidelity, and security you also crave. This lover was meant for you.

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