Pluto rules transformation. It is the father of the phoenix as it rises from the ashes, the symbol of rebirth. Pluto governs the act of ultimate survival in the never-ending cycle of beginnings and endings. Pluto’s quality as a catalyst for change and metamorphosis cannot be overemphasized.

If its cycle is active in a chart, this planet can aid an individual in triumph over the odds. Pluto intensifies and strengthens any sector or planet it touches. It also rules obsessive behavior, taboos and compulsions, even crisis.

This planet covers many fundamental issues, including life and death, the ultimate transformation of energy. Pluto rules all that is hidden, unseen or buried, including secrets, undercover work (such as detective or spy work), strategic planning, and even the roots of plants or vegetables. It also drives the unearthing or unmasking of whatever has remained concealed.

Pluto takes 246 years to circle the zodiac, with a stay ranging from eleven years to thirty-two years in a sign! The sign of Scorpio is under Pluto’s domain.