Eighth House

Joint financial matters come under the eighth sector. Bank loans, mortgages, lines of credit and credit cards, venture capital, insurance payments and payouts, inheritances, and other legacies, tax payments and refunds, bonuses, commissions, donations, royalties, windfalls, valuable gifts, and prize winnings all fall under the eighth house. As you see, all of these matters and topics involve “other people’s money” and are generally unearned income (i.e., not your usual salary, which would be in the second sector).

This sector can also indicate how well a specific partner will do financially. If you are getting a divorce, an astrologer would look to this house to discern how talks between the soon-to-part partners would proceed regarding the division of property in the final settlement. (Child custody, though, would come under the fifth house.)

Since gifts of all kinds are included in this sector, physical love—sex—is also included here. Your sexual energy, style, and needs would be described in this sector. (Note that different houses cover different aspects of love: The fifth house rules the first spark of love, the seventh house rules commitment and marriage, and the eighth house is said to cover sex.)

The eighth house, as the house of transformation, also rules surgery, where the surgeon removes the part of you that is afflicted to transform your body to one that has healed.

The eighth house also rules new life chapters, rebirth, and regeneration and, as such, rules death, wills, legacies, estate planning, and so forth. (We cannot predict our own death by astrology, but it might hint to someone near you, someone you might know.) It is also one of the two houses involved in psychic or mystical experiences (the twelfth sector being the other).

The eighth sector is co-ruled by the private, secretive planet of rejuvenation, Pluto, and the sign Scorpio.