I am Scorpio, My Lover is Aries

You both are so strong-minded, much of your relationship could be spent attempting to gain the upper hand! This could be a slightly better business partnership than a love relationship because both of you are so street-savvy and interested in new ventures. You each bring different things to this relationship, and this could be why you were drawn to one another in the first place.

Your Aries lover is full of ambition, fresh ideas, and dreams that he or she wants to make real. You think your Aries is impractical at times, and you’re right. Aries are not detailed or even practical; their role in the Universe is to inspire others. Aries don’t like to be hemmed in and they are continually testing themselves, pushing the envelope to see how far they can go both physically and mentally. You and Aries share the same ruler: Mars. But Scorpio has two rulers, and the other one is Pluto. Mars is called “the action planet,” representing the warrior, so you both have substantial courage. You express it differently, however, because while your lover is a fire sign, you are a deeply emotional, instinctive, and even psychic, water sign.

You may be frustrated that Aries have none of your emotional depth. They live life on the surface, and don’t dig too deeply into other people’s feelings or motivations like you do. Full of chatter and continually dashing off to another meeting or cocktail party, you might find Aries exhausting. You need complete isolation on a regular basis to recharge your batteries, while they energize themselves by being with other people.

In love, you crave commitment and long lasting relationships, while Aries live (and love) for the moment. When things get boring, Aries move on. Scorpios require fidelity, which, more often than not, Aries find terribly confining. You are discreet and introverted, qualities your lover might see as secretive. Aries don’t have the patience to draw you out the way Pisces or Cancers would; if you sulk, Aries will just grab their coat and jump ship. Both of you have quite a temper, due to Mars’ rulership of both signs, although both of your tempers’ explosiveness may not surface for a long time. But when it does, watch out! It would be better if at least one of you were a more patient type. As you see, this relationship could be hard on everybody’s nerves unless you or your lover has a large number of water or earth planets in your horoscopes.

Sexually, you two will generate lots of heat! Both of you have strong physical appetites, but I feel that you long to have a more submissive, encouraging partner. Your Aries will make lovemaking exciting, but after time, you could start missing having a true spiritual connection with your lover and wonder why he or she is so unable to match your emotional depth. In fact, you may feel like you are locked in some sort of competition of wills, instead of a seductive embrace. In a way, Scorpio, you are. You need control; Aries need to rebel.

As you see, this is going to be like climbing Mt. Everest, but you can do it if you love your Aries. Be sure to check your lover’s entire horoscope with an astrologer, because the right rising sign or moon could change this picture vastly for the better! Your best asset is your gift of intuition, which could help you see through the everyday difficulties and find a path to love.

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