I am Libra, My Lover is Virgo

Perhaps it was the articulateness, the masterful sense of organization, the refined and reserved manner, or the flawless personal style of your Virgo that led you to him or her. This is not a classical combination, for Virgo is an earth sign and you’re air, which is not a natural match by any means.

Still, you have such good qualities to share with one another: Libras appreciate Virgos’ realism and solid practicality. Libras like to analyze things, and so do Virgos (it’s too easy for both of you to over-analyze, in fact). Both of you appreciate dressing in a non-flashy, low key, and refined way; neither of you is likely to hassle the other for investing in good quality clothing.

One big difference is that Virgos are only happy when they are being productive, while Libras like to play. Perhaps you will pick up some of your Virgo’s industriousness and he or she will begin to learn to relax a little — never easy for a Virgo. Virgos can also get fairly obsessive about neatness — this might make you want to scream!

In bed, they are very verbal, but not usually too playful. You might have to lighten your Virgo up — this shouldn’t be too hard. Neither of you is very emotional, but without one of you encouraging the other to let your feelings out, things could get dull. You and your Virgo will have a meeting of the minds — and some lively debates — but is that enough? After all, how long can you discuss the Congressional Budget Report over a fine cabernet? Well, okay, Virgos are intellectual whiz kids, but they’re not THAT bad. Still, things can get a little dry at times between you two, and there is a way to counteract that: Allow yourselves to be influenced by one another intellectually as well as physically. Each of you has what the other lacks.

Don’t be sad. If your Virgo is born with Venus in Libra or has other planets in sync with yours, this relationship could sparkle! This is a Sun-sign reading and the Sun is only one planet of many in a chart. Go slowly and get to know one another well. Give this relationship a good try before you decide if it is for you.

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