Brings Intellect and Strong Ability To Communicate

May 22 – June 21
September 23 – October 23
January 21 – February 18

Air signs are all about the movement and communication of ideas. These are the most intellectual of the signs. Restless and curious, air signs continually hunger for new ideas to chew on and they need lots of stimulation. They are rational, versatile, verbal, quick, and alert. They know that they can charm their way out of anything and are resourceful enough to make good things come from difficult situations. Gregarious and social, they love to collect information, study it objectively, and then disseminate it to everyone else. Air signs are the zodiac’s information processors. Among the most unemotional and objective of all signs, they value truth and realism, see both sides of opposing issues, and can offer balanced views of each.

Gemini’s quest is to analyze, synthesize, and probe for information they need to fully understand a topic or issue. This sign’s need to communicate is the strongest of all the air signs. Many Geminis make superb writers. For this reason, the Twins are often journalists or editors–or wish they were, because they are happiest in news rooms, night clubs, airports or anywhere else where things just keep on happening.

Libra, symbolized by the scales, strives for balance and the proper action and reaction. You will find many Libras in the judicial system (they make fine lawyers, judges or prosecutors) or in the arts–two areas where finding ideal proportion is critical.

Aquarius is the most inventive air sign of the three, and uses its intellect to push technology as far as possible into the future and in so doing, raises the standard of living of their fellow man (Aquarius rules brotherhood and friendship). Examples of typical Aquarian occupations are: the natural sciences, new technology, or politics–because Aquarius cares about positive social change.