I am Libra, My Lover is Taurus

This is a great match because both of you are ruled by gentle Venus. You and your lover are highly diplomatic, refined, and enjoy the finer things in life. You both love cultural events, new restaurants, and — believe it or not — shopping. Libra and Taurus enjoy beautiful objects, environments and clothing, so there is much common ground here. Taurus will appreciate your attractive appearance and won’t hassle you about the money you spend on yourself.

The difficulties you may have will come from Taurus’ sometimes obstinate behavior. As a Libra, you are talented with flexibility and compromise, but Taurus have none of those instincts. If you want to change your Taurus’ mind, you have to get in early, before he or she has made a final decision. After that, forget it. This is maddening to Libra; you cannot understand such refusal to change one’s mind.

Air sign Libras love to talk, but Taurus are taciturn, preferring to take time alone to think and read. This may leave you feeling lonely and left out. But you have so many friends, if your Taurus lover is having his or her private time, you might simply pick up the phone and dial one up. If this starts happening a lot, however, you are likely to wonder what the point is of being together at all.

In bed, earth sign Taurus takes his or her time, savoring every moment, something you will adore. Taurus’ voice is particularly beautiful, both soothing and stimulating at the same time (Taurus rules the throat). Listening to your lover talk never fails to turn you on. Your lover will thrill to the tender, light touch of your hands from the very beginning. Your Taurus lover is deeply sexual and lusty, so your arousal will be swift in coming.

This union can work if you love your Taurus with your whole heart and are prepared to promise your complete fidelity. Taurus can give you a secure life with all the material possessions and loyalty you crave, plus some very spicy sex as well. Give this one all you’ve got!

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