I am Leo, My Lover is Scorpio

This is a fervent blend of personalities, with strong emotions and passions brewed up hot on a cosmic burner. Both of you are fixed personalities — you’re not given to changing your stance, so when you two don’t see eye to eye, the dishes could start flying! Still, to watch Scorpio-Leo couples, you can’t help but wonder if they deliberately egg one another on just to have the opportunity to get steamed up and overwrought and then fling themselves into the sweet lovemaking that inevitably follows.

The dynamic tension of both of you wrestling for control keeps this relationship teetering on the edge, but it appears that is exactly where you both prefer it — it certainly keeps things exciting! The heat you two generate is so intense it could light a bonfire. Scorpio’s power is more mysterious and emotional, with a wide and deep spectrum of feelings. You can’t always know the extent of your Scorpio’s feelings because those still waters run deep. Scorpios speak little and aren’t likely to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They think this may compromise their position, at least in the beginning. Initially it is easier for your lover to feel your affection than the other way around.

You are ruled by the Sun, and your smile could melt polar ice caps! Scorpio’s joint rulers are Mars, the warrior, and Pluto, lord of the underworld (and all things existing under the surface). This is why their feelings can’t always be discerned, and it gives them their legendary mystery. When a Scorpio loves, he or she loves with his or her whole heart, an obsession you can only guess at. You will get a hint of it in that bewitching gaze Scorpios are known to give the ones they love. With Scorpio, everything is in the eyes, the mirror of the soul.

Neither of you is casual with anything — especially not each other. Possessiveness is part of the territory, but since you both are that way, there isn’t a problem. Once mated, Scorpio is yours for life, though you are a less possessive personality and might have trouble returning Scorpio’s loyalty.

You, Leo, are extravagant and Scorpio is highly sophisticated when it comes to investments. Thank Heaven! Scorpio might be horrified at your spending, and beg you to keep to your budget, but the regal Lion is unhappy with limits. Leos think that cutbacks don’t belong in a successful castle. In the end, water (Scorpio’s element) is more powerful than fire (your element), and could prevail when tossed with force on Leo’s flame.

Your relationship has to be handled with care because you are both such strong personalities. If you fall out of favor with one another, it could be a clash of the titans, complete with thunder and lightning. Try not to compete with each other, but instead, allow for each other’s differences. Stubbornness on both sides will be the biggest danger. Deal with this effectively and you have a pairing with the strength of iron and flexibility of steel — certainly stuff that is made to last. You have the possibility for a most powerful union — make it work!

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