I am Leo, My Lover is Aquarius

Your Aquarius lover is a mystery to you, but that only makes you more determined to uncover his or her secrets. Fiercely individualistic, independent, and a tad idiosyncratic, it’s hard to imagine someone more unlike yourself than Aquarius. Aquarius’ role is to rebel, to shake up society’s standards, to tear apart and renovate that which has become old and outworn. At times your lover may accuse you of being conservative and too willing to appease the status quo. You may willingly admit this (as a Leo you need approval and more importantly, respect), but inside, this challenge will sit uncomfortably with you.

Aquarius isn’t very materialistic, but you are. You also wonder at his or her preference of buying still another computer, while you are aching to check out the new hot club, the latest exclusive restaurant, and a new luxury car. An air sign ruled by the electrical, unpredictable planet Uranus, Aquarius are drawn to new technology and the Information Age like magnets. Their computer purchases aren’t for show or status, but to work more effectively. If Gemini needs a dial tone like oxygen, Aquarius needs an infusion of Internet like it’s his or her life’s blood. You may have to get used to their hours at the keyboard, while you review the arts section of the paper to see all the shows you’re missing. This is one point you are not likely to win. Aquarius is a fixed sign like yours, so neither of you is likely to budge on any position. Unless you can reach a compromise (unlikely) or a truce (more likely), the problems you find early-on are the problems that will haunt you forever.

Analytical Aquarius has a cool, detached demeanor, which may initially attract your attention and curiosity. This lure may not last, however, because your nature is just the opposite. Leos are giving, warm, and need frequent displays of affection. Over time, an Aquarius isn’t likely to give you the reassurance you need that you are still attractive, seductive, or alluring, although he or she will make you feel valued for your brains. Is that enough, Leo? This could lead you to feel something is vaguely lacking in your relationship. But if it doesn’t seem like a big enough deal, you might just suffer in silence.

Realize that Aquarius rules the 11th house of friendship, while your sign rules the house of romance. Herein lies a big difference: Your Aquarius wants a friend first, a lover second; you want a lover first, and a friend second. Priorities rarely shift. You are ruled by your heart, whereas Aquarius are ruled by their minds. Their sign rules the scientist, who carefully and objectively proves or disproves a hypothesis. Aquarius need to be free to investigate the world, but you need to create, imagine, and enjoy. Leos tend to be designers, artists, directors, actors, and entertainment specialists. You create best when you feel loved. Aquarius do best when they feel unencumbered and will fight any claims on them. But your urge to possess your lover is very powerful. Aquarius will resist this on every count, especially if they feel you are clinging to them.

Can you work this out? Yes, if you love each other dearly. Perhaps you both have some important planets other than your Sun signs in your charts that bridge the gap. Remember, the Sun sign is only one of the heavenly bodies in a chart.

Physically your Aquarius will thrill you with their electric lovemaking and penchant for making it new and different. It is in bed that you two fit together best, for you will enjoy their devil-may-care confidence. You will also never know when they will tell you that they love you. Not in bed, when other lovers would swear their devotion, but rather, while you are on the way to the subway or munching on BLT’s at the luncheonette. Aquarius themselves don’t even know when the spirit will move them! Their eyes are like lasers, and when they beam at you in a serious moment you will never forget the feeling. When Aquarius reveal themselves, it is rare, honest, and unforgettable. They never do what you expect, which is maddening at times, but it’s also what you love best about them.

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