Eleventh House

This is the house of hopes and wishes and what you aspire to in your life. The ancient astrologers referred to this house as the house of joy, a very special place where wishes can come true. (This would happen when important outer planets are friendly and helpful to you.) It may be a wish that is financial (“I want to buy my first house”) or spiritual (“I want my mother to recover from her illness” or “I want a baby”). This house can deliver, sometimes against all odds.

The beauty and warmth of true friendships and all platonic relationships also form the pillars of this sector.

You can add casual acquaintances, contacts, associations, and networking opportunities in this sector, too.

Groups of all kinds, such as private social and professional clubs, societies, sororities and fraternities, and political organizations also come under the eleventh house. Think of this house this way: Whenever people gather together for a mutual goal, such as to attend an industry convention or a political rally, it becomes an eleventh house matter.

Humanitarian and community activities, as well as charity fund-raising events, are eleventh house activities. Groups formed that are intended for social good are governed by the eleventh house. For example, efforts to help improve the environment or prevent animal cruelty, or any type of work for animals in danger of extinction would be covered by this house.

This house can also give you a current clue to the financial condition of your employer. If you are self-employed, profits made from work done over the previous 12 to 18 months would be covered by this house.

The eleventh sector is ruled by creative and scientific planet Uranus and the sign Aquarius.