Eleventh House

Friendships and all your platonic relationships fall in this house, as do memberships in any kind of group or club. Even attendance at a trade show or a theme park — presence in any congregation of people sharing an interest — would constitute an eleventh house activity. In that regard, even casual contacts, associations and networking efforts come in here.

The action in this house can reveal clues about your employer’s financial reality. It can show you where you are most likely to make profits. This house governs humanitarian causes and any efforts to correct social ills and injustices.

Finally, this is the magical house of hopes and wishes, where higher aspirations and dreams come true. While that might sound over-blown, just you wait and see when you have an important aspect occur in this house — you may be pleasantly surprised!

The eleventh house is ruled by creative and scientific Uranus and by idiosyncratic Aquarius.