I am Aries, My Lover is Libra

You may have met your alter ego with gentle Libra. When a sign is six months away from you in the zodiac, this means your lover will either complete you or compete with you — there’s nothing in between. My bet is that it’s the former with this match. Your autumn-born lover is a master at negotiation because he or she knows exactly how to bring opposing forces together. Unlike impetuous and reckless Aries, Libras like to think problems through objectively and break them down into smaller parts for analysis and resolution. Rarely will a tactless word pass their lips, for this gentle Venus-ruled native is supremely diplomatic. This is why they are such good negotiators and can help others build long-term agreements — they don’t turn people off. Libras are a communicative air sign, never short of new ideas, or things to say. You will always have a bright, lively time together, for their air element will fan the passions of your fire sign.

You are the sign of the individualist, but Libras are interested in working in teams — theirs is the sign of partnership. This is why Libra is also known as the sign of marriage. Your lover will look for the fair solution, so you need to watch those dictatorial ways of yours, Aries. Libras are almost always happier when married and will usually not leave a relationship unless things turn radically bad. You both have very strong views, but each of you will assert yourself differently. Libra will charm you into submission, or offer to compromise. As an Aries, you tend to terrorize or intimidate your other half in order to win. You see how these different styles could get you into trouble, Aries? You may have to use a light touch with your Libra! Keep in mind that although a Libra’s method is more subtle, he or she is no less determined than you are. Libras can even be rather bossy. Yet you might find yourself going along happily with their ideas, not realizing how deftly — and enchantingly — your lover used his or her powers of persuasion on you. You could do well to take a leaf from their book, Aries.

In bed, Mars-ruled Aries can be in too much of a hurry. Be sure to slow down and take your time with your Libra. Getting into the proper mood will be important. Watch your language in bed, especially in the beginning. Libra doesn’t get turned on by the wham-bam, on-the-waterfront approach. Remember, Libras are ruled by Venus and are attracted to beauty, warmth, and a polished, refined style. Very visual creatures, they like to look their best and hope to see you do, too. Run a comb through your hair and get your shoes polished before you show up for your big night, just to be sure. Even if you’ve been married for 20 years to a Libra, you can never get sloppy with your looks. Keep that gym membership if you want Libra to keep you. They want to be proud of their spouses and if they are, they will continually get turned-on.

This is a great combination, so enjoy one another. When you mix your rulers, Venus and Mars, you create some of the sexiest possible planetary chemistry between two people, combining the positive aggression of Mars (you) and the erotic love of Venus (them). It doesn’t get any more potent than that!

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