I am Taurus, My Lover is Taurus

Talk about a solid combo! Taurus are highly possessive and mate for life, so there are no worries about infidelity here. You value reliability in a mate, so this sure sounds like you’ve got someone you really respect.

Taurus adore having private time to display their affections, and since you (both) are highly sensual, tactile and erotic, you can expect fantastic chemistry physically — now and forever! Taurus is ruled by Venus so you both love the sweeter, softer side of life: elegant dining, fine wine, music, flowers, art, cultural activities to attend, as well as all kinds of exquisite creature comforts at home. Venus-ruled people need beauty as much as oxygen to survive, and luckily your sweetie agrees. You may work in the fine or graphic arts, real estate, insurance or finance. All of these professions would use your talents well. You are a practical, polite, tolerant, and sensible pair who prize stability, so you are likely to agree on your values and priorities together with ease. Still, at times your life can be predictable and a tad too safe and steady.

Taurus can be so suspicious of change, it isn’t always a good thing. You two need a little passion and risk to stir you up, but neither of you is likely to be the one to make it happen. You both are a bit stubborn, so if you don’t agree, you reach an impasse. Without getting used to taking risks, facing a crisis together will be especially hard. You see, unlike air sign natives, neither of you has the psychological ability to turn on a dime and rapidly think up resourceful options. Taurus like to have time to think things through thoroughly, and sometimes that just isn’t possible!

Still, your lover adores that he or she can always count on you. You would never dream of letting this person down, or anyone else in your life for that matter. You do things with thoroughness and concentration because you want to feel proud of your effort, and this is true whether it is a project or a relationship. Because you go slowly, you have the ability to fix errors and small flaws in anything you turn your attention to.

You have found someone who understands you, Taurus, so give this relationship a chance, but also give your lover a little kick so you’ll both remember to keep things interesting.

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