I am Taurus, My Lover is Libra

If you love a Libra, by now you know Libras love to talk. Libras debate all kinds of subjects on every possible level. You have a strong, rational mind, but you don’t see why you should have to discuss everything your Libra brings up. You’ve had a long day perhaps, or you’d like to read the paper quietly in your favorite chair. Libra is an air sign, though, and looks upon conversation as entertainment. Libras’ avid mind needs fresh food for thought. Libras can be indecisive, but that is because they are seeing both sides of the issue at hand. When they ask you to give your point of view, they are looking to you for points they haven’t yet considered; Libras are driven to find the fair answer, and they carefully analyze all aspects of every issue. What you think is indecision is actually their scales trying to achieve perfect balance. You won’t be able to escape being drawn into these conversations, so you might as well dive in.

At first you may feel that you can get your way by being a little pushy, since Libras seem so affable, diplomatic and charming. You can’t imagine why your lover would put up a fuss at letting you have what you want anyway. Think again. Libras are determined, opinionated, and not passive about anything. Libras will inevitably win every little point and gradually work their way up to the bigger stuff after they have learned your style. Your Taurus inertia and resistance to debate is something Libras will seductively use against you. So there you stand: unsure how or why it happened, but your Libra has charmed you again, and you’ve lost — hook, line and sinker. Now, this isn’t really so terrible, because you are kind of enjoying the process. Your Libra will discover that if you ever get REALLY upset, you will react so powerfully that your Libra could be temporarily frightened off. But you can be sure your Libra will be back later, all smiles and fully aware that yes, he or she did push you a tad too hard. You simply can’t stay mad at this charming creature.

Your Libra is much more social than you are, and will want to be out and about for what you consider to be inordinate amounts of time. You are a homebody, Taurus, and don’t particularly want to be friends with as many people as Libras seem to be friends with. When Libras aren’t out, they are on the phone. Libras need interaction with others like they need oxygen, so you might be forced to find some middle ground if you want to spend time with your lover. Libras love to entertain, though, so here’s your compromise: Have everyone come to your place. You can be home where you like it and few signs entertain with the flair and grace of a Libra.

In bed, Libras are lively and lyrical. Libras will always bring poetry and expression to lovemaking, while you will emphasize the physical side of love. You have much to teach one another in those regards and the lessons will be as sweet as honey. Your joint rulership by Venus should create a lovely blending of souls. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your lover’s fidelity. Libra is the natural sign of marriage, so they are happiest when paired with another. Libras do not want to be dating all their lives, and you don’t either.

As you see, this relationship has a few challenges but can be deeply satisfying. The eventual success of this match depends on how badly you want this relationship to last. If you do, there is nothing beyond the ability of a Taurus to attain. Just be a little more flexible, Bull.

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