I am Taurus, My Lover is Leo

In many ways the two of you are very similar. You both adore the finer things in life, like dining out, attending cultural activities and interesting parties, and having a beautiful home. Each of you likes that the other is possessive and loyal, for neither of you could tolerate a third party in the background, even in the earliest stages of dating. Yet your needs are quite different: You crave a strong sense of security and frequent displays of affection, whereas your Leo needs attention, applause, and above all, respect. Leo will adore your compliments, and look for a steady supply from you, even if you’ve been together for years. Your praise helps to reassure Leo that he or she is still number one. Taurus, you aren’t always aware you need to do this, which might lead your Leo to wonder if you’ve fallen out of love! Keep an eye out for this possible miscommunication.

You will adore your Leo’s creativity. Many Leos work in the arts, especially in theatre and other performance arts, television, or in advertising as art directors or as graphic designers. You have the know-how to build a successful business enterprise: Taurus are often called in when a fledging business needs a leader who can guide it from the early stages into a more mature stage of expansion. Taurus expect obstacles in life and have the patience to work through them, while Leos are surprised when they hit an obstacle. Use your talent for long term success to make this relationship work. Your expectations are realistic and you have exceptional patience. As a long distance runner (not a sprinter), you feel anything worth doing is worth doing well — the very reason you are not likely to walk away from this relationship after you’ve hit the first speed bump.

Both of you love material objects, though for slightly different reasons: You love rewarding your senses, while your lover wants outward evidence of success. Your Leo’s elegant style has them craving the high life, but you may be concerned about how much this could ultimately cost. Their champagne taste could get tough to support over time. (This is true no matter who is the provider, since, once married, money tends to come out of the same pot.) Taurus says, “Show me the money!” and then promptly banks it. Taurus would rather have money in the bank than on their backs. Leo understands this intellectually, but not emotionally, and will never be completely comfortable with living on a strict budget. The allocation of funds is definitely something to talk about if you two start to get serious.

But there is a bigger concern: You both are fixed in your opinions and are not likely to bend, which could lead to serious gridlock when you disagree. In every relationship, someone has to offer an olive branch! Ideally, it won’t be the same person all the time. Consider this the next time you find yourself locked in conflict with your Leo. Know that Leos like to take credit for everything around them, due to their ability to see the big picture. This comes so naturally to them that they don’t even realize they’re doing it. While this could make you see red, you might also just be inclined to allow your lover this pleasure, simply to keep the peace (Venus ruled Taurus likes life harmonious). Realize that your lover is ruled by the Sun center of our solar system, which is why Leos can get so egocentric. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, so you are the more likely partner to find a diplomatic solution. If your Leo lover means a lot to you, look at what options are presented and make suggestions. In many ways, the future of this relationship will depend on your willingness to bring the two of you together, rather than allow Leo’s egotism to tear you apart.

It takes a lot to ruffle you, but when you get to the end of your rope — watch out! Neither the Bull nor the Lion are known to be quiet-tempered animals! Your Sun signs are not in harmonious angle to one another, suggesting that when tempers flare, they’ll generate scorching heat. The next time fire sign Leo and earth sign Taurus try to stare each other down, consider which element is likely to overpower the other. Yours will, Taurus, for you could bury your lover in your earthy sensibilities. You could dump a ton of practicality over Leo’s dreams but in so doing you can shut off all Leo’s light. Winning should not be the goal, remaining close should. It may be too easy for you to take away his or her spirit, and you may find that although you’ve won the battle you’ve lost the war. Don’t push your Lion too hard.

Passion will not be lacking when the Lion and the Bull team up in bed! Both of you like to take your time and create lively, lustful lovemaking. Under the sheets you will notice Leo’s desire for adoration, so be prepared to lavish time on him or her. It will be time well spent! Leo is very warmhearted and generous — something you will always appreciate. Leo will cherish you always, in his or her own dramatic and flamboyant style. That is the best reason to stay with Leo, in fact — it’s so much fun! Life would be so boring without your Leo lover.

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