I am Taurus, My Lover is Capricorn

Can a Goat and a Bull find happiness? You bet! This relationship should hit the very top of the charts! Both of you are earth signs, which means you understand one another intuitively.

First and foremost, your Capricorn lover inspires you. The Goat will never be content to graze in the valley. Capricorns’ ambition leads them to trek right up to the top of the mountain, and only at the top does the Goat feel peace. This is where he or she is meant to be. Capricorns are very hard workers, determined to succeed and willing to undergo considerable hardships to get to the top. Like Taurus, they are excellent at finances, reliable, steadfast and true. Both of you need social approval, and neither of you is likely to become a radical insurgent and embarrass the other. Life together will be unusually harmonious.

Capricorns have a fabulous sense of humor, perhaps because Saturn the planet of seriousness, rules this sign. It has been said the funniest jokes always hit a sensitive chord. Saturn makes Capricorns earnest, but also makes this sign able to poke some fun at themselves too, to offer a little perspective. You can afford to lighten up a little, Taurus, so your Goat will be good for you.

Despite their humorous side, Capricorns often expect sorrow to follow happiness, particularly in love. Again, this is Saturn speaking. You will have to reassure your lover that you have no hidden agenda and that your love will endure. Don’t be afraid: If ever there was someone who could fulfill that promise, it is you, Taurus. If your Capricorn has been disappointed in the past, he or she is not likely to forget the episode easily. Saturn makes memories die hard. You will find that your lover will carefully protect himself or herself so it won’t happen again. Your tender reassurance will be needed and appreciated. Your Capricorn will love your pure heart, your stable sensibility, and even your somewhat possessive streak, viewing it as a good thing because it suggests sureness of purpose. Thus, know you can dispel your beloved’s fear of abandonment or hurt.

Many Capricorns are talented with drawing or art, and as a Taurus, you particularly love music and art. Capricorn’s Sun falls in your 5th house which not only rules love, but creativity as well. Communication should be very, very good between you and your Capricorn, and you will have long discussions on such topics as religion, education, parenting, and all sorts of actual or hypothetical issues. You will talk easily about your dreams and goals, and because your Sun signs are so harmonious, you will understand one another beautifully.

When it comes time to make love, you’ll seduce your Capricorn with a combination of sensuality and spiritual love. Taurus are known to be great lovers due to their amazing sensitivity to touch, although all five senses get used masterfully by you. Your Goat may feel a little less talented at lovemaking than you, but soon you will succeed in bringing out the natural passion hidden beneath your Capricorn’s reserved exterior. You will have to distract your Goat from daily cares, for Saturn’s presence always surrounds Capricorn. Your lover will be grateful to you if you take the lead, for unwinding is hard for a Capricorn to do. But once aroused, you will find your Capricorn as equally ardent and zealous as you.

Before long, one of you will pop the question. Because you both are commitment-oriented (you both were born grown-up), I doubt this will result in disappointment. This match is an amazing blend, so go for your Capricorn lover with pure heart and strong resolve. Making music together on any level — intellectually, physically, spiritually — should be easy, and soon you’ll know this is The One for you.

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