I am Virgo, My Lover is Libra

If you love a Libra, it must mean you are making a conscious effort to balance out your life with more fun. Libra can help! The two of you could not be more different. Virgos like work so much that they will give up play for it, but Libras will be resourceful about finding shortcuts at work so they can get out and play more often. To be fair, Libras network professionally while socializing — something your lover could teach you a thing or two about. You tend to be a bit reclusive, so Libra’s influence will be a breath of fresh air.

Both of you are analytical and brainy but not deeply emotional. Hopefully, you will both think up ways to keep the embers of your passion aglow. In bed, allow your Libra lover to be playful and relax you after your long day’s work. They are wizards at setting the scene of romance — the low lights, soft music, seductive gestures — even years after you’ve met. Don’t criticize Libra’s efforts or the shape of his or her body (not everyone looks like Nicole Kidman). Be open and accepting and I guarantee your passion for one another will only grow over time. Libras are ruled by the erotic planet Venus, so how can you go wrong?

Libra is the sign of marriage, and your nature is to be giving. Since you are a mutable sign, you are flexible and open — this bodes well for the overall health of your relationship. Libra is a cardinal sign, so you can count on your lover to push against the limitations of life, and to explore new experiences and frontiers. Cardinal signs ensure things are never dull. Libras are lively and talkative, so you can count on plenty of sparkling conversations.

You will love Libra’s elegant ways and your lover will always be fun to hang out with. Air signs have more friends than anyone else, so you are sure to meet some very interesting people. Your lover has sensational taste, and Virgo is no slouch either. Your attractiveness as a stylish twosome will be a source of pride for you both. Virgo’s clothing is always smart, fashionable, polished, and clean — after all, your sign rules detail and the search for perfection. Libras, being ruled by Venus, put a great deal of emphasis on making themselves attractive and keeping up their natural good looks. As a Virgo you are careful about being healthy and fit, and you can influence your partner to take care of his or her body in ways that go beyond just cosmetics and clothes.

All in all, although you’re not a classic pairing, you do have many gifts to share with one another if you open your hearts with love.

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