I am Virgo, My Lover is Capricorn

Capricorn is a superb lover for you, dear Virgo! Capricorn is an earth sign like yours, so you relate on an intuitive level because so many of your values are the same — such as in your career goals. Capricorn rules the natural 10th house of the horoscope. The Goat is focused on climbing the ladder of success, and it is a rare Capricorn that doesn’t reach the top of his or her profession. As a Virgo, you’re a hard worker too, measuring your productivity level at the end of every day. Your sign has been called the sign of discrimination (you’re known to be the universal critic) but the one you are hardest on is always yourself. Try not to let work overpower all the other areas of your life with Capricorn. You both are so duty-bound that you could forget your need for lighthearted fun (including time in the bedroom) because overwork could put a damper on your union.

You agree on many things, such as how to spend and save money; a nest egg is very important to both of you. Social approval is also important — neither of you wants to get kicked out of the country club nor the bowling league. Rather, you both want to find acceptance in the best possible circles so you can meet interesting, successful people and be inspired by them. This is particularly true of your lover; Capricorn works hard at networking with influential people.

Neither of you would let the other down — nor anyone else, for that matter — and the one thing that gets you crazy is when someone is irresponsible. Life is busy, and when you cannot count on someone following through on a promise or a responsibility, it shatters your trust in that person. Virgos and Capricorns need to take people at face value. You both believe this so, happily, there will be no problem on this score. You both are practical, solid citizens with good common sense — something you have found isn’t so common anymore!

Your lover is ruled by Saturn, and therefore is not very emotional on the outside. Still, because you are Mercury’s child, you see beneath Capricorn’s cover and understand his or her feelings clearly. Virgos always have clear, bright eyes that see through the veils of things like pride, shyness, or lack of confidence. Your lover will be deeply grateful for your understanding and your compassion. Your union will be a rich and mature one, based on mutual caring and a shared vision of the future. Being earth signs, you both will be willing to dig down to the buried treasures that lie within each other. You both also have serious outlooks on life, but your life together will not be boring or routine, because your goals are lofty and inspired.

In bed, because Capricorn has established such trust in you, you will be free to express your deepest feelings. Be reassured: You will not be criticized or ridiculed. While other lovers may have found one of you too reserved or shy, you have none of these problems with one another. Both of you like to proceed slowly in the physical arena, so neither of you is likely to hop into bed impetuously — certainly not until you know one another well. That careful, slow build-up of emotional intimacy is what will make your pairing so strong and sensual. Earth signs are deeply erotic once they feel love stirring within them, so let it happen at its own pace; the earth knows when it has reached critical mass. Once linked, neither of you will feel the need to go back to singles mixers nor search any further for a mate. Earth signs mate for life — their loyalty is strong — only the most extreme conditions could cause you to pull apart once joined.

So let others complain that you both are too slow and careful making up your mind about whether to wed — then laugh at them later, when you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with your Capricorn.

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