Tenth House

This house has to do with your contribution to the world and the heights you achieve in your career. It can reflect your legacy, and it will point to the way you can make your ultimate contribution to the world.

Fame, promotion, honors, career awards, and chances for advancement all come under the tenth house. This house rules your reputation, praise you receive from your company, or your status in the community. This high-powered sector is located at the midheaven (tip top) point of the horoscope, where you would find the 12 on the face of a clock. This house rules your leadership style as well.

The sign on the cusp of the tenth house and midheaven (as well as the first house) indicates the type of work you are suited to do and where you are likely to receive success in your career. Your rising sign shows the work you do at the start of your career, whereas the tenth house shows the specialized development you attain in your work and the recognition you begin to receive in your profession that typically occurs after 40 years of age (but sometimes earlier).

The tenth house also includes the type of career appearance and outward image you give to the world. Additionally, this house covers judges, ambassadors and government officials, publishers, CEOs, celebrities, and high-level authority VIPs as well as how predisposed these movers and shakers are to help you.

The tenth sector is ruled by hard-working, serious, taskmaster Saturn and the sign Capricorn.