I am Virgo, My Lover is Aries

Your Aries is an amazingly exciting lover! You are an earth sign, your lover is fire, and although these elements are not a classical astrological match, you both have so much to gain from making this relationship work. In many ways each of you has exactly what the other one lacks.

You both are very driven and ambitious so you agree: Work is important. Looking at your horoscope, I see that Aries’ Sun falls in your house of other people’s money and your Sun falls in Aries’ house of work. Therefore, you understand each other’s need to be recognized, and you both want to make money. Feeling successful and productive is a priority for both Virgo and Aries. You aren’t likely to complain if your Aries is working too hard or too long, even though your beloved can get fairly self-absorbed. Your Aries will also let you work as hard as you like well into the night. In times of crisis, your lover depends on his or her resourcefulness, while you rely on your laser-sharp analysis of the situation.

Now when Virgos notice help is needed, they always pitch in and do what needs to be done — one, two, three — and they’re gone, without any expectation of thanks. “Don’t even think about it” Virgos will call over their shoulder, waving expressions of gratitude off with a casual gesture. But when Aries help out, they want a big show of appreciation. Remember that! Your Aries lover is full of enthusiasm and bright ideas, but is not good with details and organization. Those are your big strengths, so help your Aries. You are also practical, a quality, which could help your impractical lover, get things done. As you see, together you can be dynamite, especially if you work together on a project that involves money. So follow your Aries’ lead and raise the stakes a little higher, Virgo.

“But this is love,” you say. “What about the physical and emotional side of things?” Realize that you are true blue, Virgo, but Aries are on a continual quest for adventure, and your lover may feel the need to sow some wild oats earlier than you do. Needing to feel sexy and sought-after (as said above) is part of being an Aries, and if you are too busy to pay attention to your lover, he or she might be tempted to look for other opportunities. Aries need continual praise and reassurance. Morality, discretion, and strong ethics run deeply through your system, so Aries’ play-the-field attitude could really grate on your nerves. This will be true even if realistically it is too early on in the relationship for you to have the right to be jealous. The good news is that once an Aries commits, he or she will start acting loyal and settled, and you’ll calm down.

In the bedroom, you are amazingly compatible. Aries’ Sun falls in your 8th house of your horoscope, which rules money and also sexual desire. Aries is full of fire and light; both male and female Aries are aggressive, funny and confident. If the Aries is female, she will know how bring out the true, erotic sensuality of your Virgo nature. If the Aries is male, the electricity will crackle like lightening between you. The Aries male is macho and powerful. Either way, Aries rules the pure energy of the life force. That alone can be bewitching when expressed by a member of either sex.

As a Virgo, you are idealistic and sentimental, although you don’t reveal your feelings easily or often. You are a very private and reserved person, while your Aries is exuberant and outgoing. You will either find these differences are too much to take, or you’ll enjoy the way Aries balances your quiet temperament. You see beauty in the smallest details, something that will perplex but also delight your lover. Hopefully, you can lend each other the best of your gifts and not let the differences disturb you.

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