I am Virgo, My Lover is Aquarius

If you have fallen for an Aquarius, you intuitively want to be influenced by a personality very different from your own. Aquarius are quirky, untraditional, quixotic, idiosyncratic, curious, unconventional, forgetful (at times), and coolly objective. You are traditional, careful, thoughtful, detailed, curious, cautious, productive, and coolly objective. So you see, there are differences, but one or two big similarities also. Will they be enough?

You both are intellectual people, so the discussions you have will be lively and stimulating. Both of you like to absorb vast amounts of information and sort through what is fact and what is fiction. At the end of the day, you will trade interesting tidbits and stories, and have conversations swirling around the news and topical issues. You will never run out of things to say.

Virgo’s gift is to create order and sense out of chaos, but Aquarius’ gift is just the opposite. They take existing structures and smash them to dust, dissolving the establishment in order to eliminate what is no longer useful. Aquarius’ role is to challenge the status quo, and your role is to piece together what has been broken — the iconoclast and the conservator. Aquarius look upon the world with the critical detachment of a scientist; you look upon everything with intensity and in detail. You don’t like disregarding rules, but your lover pushes right in that direction every time. Whether the two of you can reconcile your separate roles will depend on how much each of you admires and respects the work of the other.

Money can be a battleground for many couples, but not for you. You seem to agree on many levels here. Neither of you likes to be careless with money, and both of you have the ability to listen to the other when it comes to prioritizing financial goals.

The reason Aquarius are so forgetful is that they don’t remember unnecessary details. If their computer can hold all the data they need, why keep it in their heads? You, of course, hold everything in your head: zip codes, the names of your neighbors’ children, your next dentist appointment. They marvel at your ability to do this (at times they think you are some kind of savant). But don’t scoff at your lover’s inability to remember things; a genius has to be able to free his or her mind for more conceptual thinking.

It could well be in the boudoir that you two are most comfortably matched. You light up the house of sexuality in Aquarius’ horoscope and thus, your lover will find you endlessly fascinating in bed. In turn, Aquarius’ Uranian approach to everything is unusual, unpredictable, experimental and thrilling. Your lover is wilder and more creative in bed than you could ever be, and he or she will have to understand that this is something new to you and your natural reserve. This should not diminish your attraction to each other. Aquarius’ emotional detachment might be okay with you in the beginning since you are so slow to commit. But if the relationship stays too platonic and does not grow in emotional depth (despite the wonderful sexual chemistry), it will be you — rather than your lover — who will cut the tie. You need romance and candlelight, and your Aquarius might think that’s just cute sentimentality. Your Aquarius want a lover who is also their friend — and you do, too, but if it’s only that, you’ll be gone with the wind.

As a Virgo you distrust desire. If you want something badly — like love — you hesitate, feeling nothing could live up to what you imagine, so therefore it probably couldn’t exist. You could be surprised, so you should not take such a dark view of things. Your natural caution makes you worry that you will never find emotional fulfillment. Your lover, equally analytical in mind and spirit, feels similarly wary of marriage. Privacy and a need to retain individuality and self-sufficiency are so important to both of you that you both fear a loss of these qualities in marriage. Thus, it may take a long time to exchange rings and vows. Happily, your timetables are about the same. Your fears can be overcome in time, so don’t fret; give one another enough space to get comfortable with the relationship.

Can this coupling work out? Can earth (your sign) and air (your lover’s sign) mix well? This match is not a classic astrological blend, but it’s still possible. Perhaps you have other planets in your horoscope that will make this relationship sing. Like anything else, your destiny is not in your stars, but within you.

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