I am Scorpio, My Lover is Taurus

You are salt, Taurus is pepper; you are the cup, Taurus is the saucer. As opposite as you two are, you match up famously! Your Taurus lover is an earth sign, you are a water sign, and this adds up to one fertile mix!

Neither of you is a social butterfly in the way an Aries or a Libra can be. You two love to stay home and listen to some music, or pop a good murder mystery into the VCR (Scorpio’s suggestion) and pour a glass of fine red wine to have with some fruit. Afterwards, it’s time to make love.

You and Taurus have a good, healthy attitude toward sex. Weekends, according to both of you, are just made to while away together in bed. Sexually, you answer one another’s needs perfectly, and afterwards, you feel physically and emotionally fulfilled. Taurus are patient and like to take their time with lovemaking, much to your delight. Taurus will never rush, for they approach love the way they would approach a fine meal — with relish, great anticipation, and a discriminating palate to make it a perfect experience overall. You, Scorpio, want to explore the depths of your Taurus lover’s soul. Even though your Taurus won’t have the same need to know you all the way down to your bones, being an open person, your lover will tell you whatever you want to know. This is especially good, for while you’re curious about your Taurus, you don’t like to reveal much about yourself in the beginning.

Both of you are possessive and prone to jealously, so luckily you understand each other. Your outbursts of temper won’t ruffle this Venus-ruled lover. Taurus will just shake off your anger with a shrug, knowing these clouds will pass. You two favor a daily routine over constant changes in your lifestyle, which you both find exhausting and a waste of time.

Fidelity will be strong in this match because neither of you could bear telling your life stories to one stranger after another. Your good sex life will help sustain years of closeness, and your sensuous attitude will ensure that you continue to savor one another’s charms. This combination is a positive yes!

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