I am Scorpio, My Lover is Libra

You are a bundle of profound feelings and emotions, but your lover is analytical and brainy; Libras are social but you, Scorpio, are a loner. Can you find true love with a Libra? Maybe, but it will be a stretch.

The Libra penchant to socialize will be hard on your nerves. You can’t understand why your Libra needs to be out or on the phone all the time. Worse, your Libra will want you to be out too, socializing at his or her side. Libra is the natural sign of marriage, so Libras love being a couple and miss their partners when they’re apart. Sometimes you’ll be with your Libra, but still be a million miles away in your thoughts. Your Libra will keep wanting to drag you out of your shell. Then there is the matter of all the talking and conversation Libras love. Some nights you won’t want to murmur a word, which your Libra will find hard to fathom. All this fuss could feel claustrophobic to such an intensely private sign like you.

Libras like to hold the power over a particular area in the relationship. If this area conflicts with a part of life you want to control, there could be a conflict. Libras want absolute fairness, everything even-Steven, which repels you. Face it: At times you want what you want, and will expect to get it without any flak. In fact, you don’t want to have to explain your actions and feelings at all. You may ask yourself: Isn’t expressing my needs enough? Apparently not. You also aren’t sure why your Libra’s opinions waffle so much — your opinions are strong and clear. Libras keep wanting to get more information before they make a final decision.

Things go great in bed, however, which is why you may be so powerfully drawn to your Libra. Your lover is elegant, refined, and open to what you want to do. Libra is ruled by Venus, your ruler is Mars, so there is a special astrological attraction between you. Those two planets have been called the Celestial Lovers, so you could experience amazing compatibility. This is true for both sexes, however female Libras have an especially strong affinity here, for they adore being caught up in powerful and masterful Scorpio seductions. But Scorpio women, do remember: If you are with a male Libra, engage him, embrace him, entice him, and enchant him. Men love to be seduced just as much as women do.

At the end of the day, you will still have to cope with your basically different lifestyles. With you, your Libra may start to feel like he or she is single again, increasingly going out alone. Libras don’t share Scorpio’s obsession with fidelity when they are unhappy — you’ll have a problem if your Libra becomes lonely and vulnerable on someone else’s shoulder. You will have to change your ways — but when you truly love someone, anything is possible.

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