I am Scorpio, My Lover is Gemini

This isn’t a mix that is supposed to work magically, but strangely enough it does, in a myriad of ways! Your Gemini lover will bring you news clippings from far and wide regarding all kinds of goings-on, and will finally draw you out of your self-imposed isolation. Scorpio is perhaps the most taciturn sign of the zodiac, so you and your chatterbox Gemini will have to humor one another regarding communication styles. Your lover will have to give you quiet time alone each day to read, meditate, or just hear yourself think. Your lover will soon learn that this is not a rejection but time for you to regroup and recharge yourself.

Your Gemini lover’s Sun lights up your natural 8th house. This house is ruled by Scorpio, which may be why this air sign lover pairs so well with your water sign. At the very least, you two should be a very effervescent mix! The 8th house governs sex and other people’s money, so you and Gemini are likely to have many of the same ideas about investments and how to spend and save.

In terms of sex, Gemini like variety, but Scorpios like the tried and true, so you may have to think up a few tricks to keep your lover lively and interested. You are a master of sexual technique, Scorpio, so I don’t think you have much to worry about here. Your lover will bring a much needed dose of humor to lighten up your view of the world and bring you a greater sense of fun. Gemini will try to get you out of your rut (few signs adore routine as much as Scorpio) and make you laugh. Catch your magical, sparkling twin in flight if you can, for he or she can make you truly happy.

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