I am Leo, My Lover is Libra

This is a lively combination, full of conversation, things to do, and people to see. You are a fire sign and your sweetheart is air — the element you need to burn brighter, bigger and hotter. To say Libra is good for you is an understatement.

You will soon see that Libras like to discuss things in depth. You prefer them to agree with you, but Libra finds the entire process of debating fun (even when arguing, which Libra always does politely). This is because your heartthrob is an analytical air sign. If you detect that your Libra hasn’t yet chosen which side he or she is on, your assessment could be right. It is not easy being a Libra, the sign symbolizing justice and balance. They are programmed to make informed choices, yet their substantial mental powers make it imperative to see the complexity of each and every situation. It is never easy making a decision with a Libra around, especially when opposing values are in conflict. Others make fun of Libras’ inability to decide and taunt them by saying they vacillate, but Libras know better — only fools see things in black and white. When you, sounding just like a Leo, say “Come now, sweetheart, agree with me, if only because I said so” — stop and think. Your Libra will never just give up and go along with you. They have to suffer through the pros and cons, because that’s their role in life.

Your lover is sure to be one of your closest friends, because your Sun falls in your Libra’s 11th house of friendship. Lovers who are also friends can last a lifetime. Their Libra Sun falls in your 3rd house of communication, making an exchange of ideas on almost any level an activity of primary importance. Busy and bustling, your lives will continually have all kinds of news flowing in and out, whether it be about politics, business, culture, or gossip now and then.

As you see, there is so much intelligence and admiration holding you two together that should your sex life die down a little, you will still have a strong bond able to keep your relationship going on longer than the Energizer Bunny. Speaking of lovemaking, your Libra will enjoy your entire seduction, all the little things you do to get him or her in the mood, even years after you first sleep together. Libras are refined and elegant: no rushing, no tattered bed sheets, or ugly pajamas in bed — ever. Your lady Libra will tolerate, only the best perfumes, the tiniest lace and satin nighties, and hair that shimmers in the light. A Libra guy will come to bed after a bracing shower, a smooth shave, and a splash of imported cologne, with a loose, low-slung towel around his hips. Nothing else. Got it, Leo? You’ve got to keep up.

Both of you are a little bossy and like to have control, but you express it in different yet compatible ways. Libras are often so good looking that with a flash of their beautiful smile they can usually have their way with you, dear Leo. You’ll look into Libra’s eyes and fall into a trance. All in all, that isn’t so bad, is it?

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