I am Aquarius, My Lover is Virgo

Virgo is precise and orderly, but Aquarius is quite comfortable in semi-chaos. Your sign rules genius and creativity, but in the creative process there is waste and discord. This can be hard for your lover to accept.

The hardest part of the Aquarius/Virgo union is that it lacks romantic abandon and sexual passion, from both your side and theirs. Virgo is ruled by cerebral, objective Mercury, and you are ruled by objective, idiosyncratic Uranus. You are an air sign and Virgo is earth, so while you may initially like their practical, “rooted” point of view, it is doubtful that this will continue throughout the years. Luckily, Virgo will not demand too much time from you, for they are busy people too — Virgo is the original workaholic. You will appreciate their industriousness, but they won’t understand your need to shock, upstage, or otherwise assert your idiosyncratic streak. Virgos are fairly conservative and need some level of social approval.

The success potential here is a really tough call, but like any other relationship, you can make it work if you give it an honest try. Perhaps you both have other planets in your charts that will make your relationship sparkle, which could be the case. Virgo admires Aquarius’ service to the community, their mastery of highly technical subjects, their vision of the future, and their charismatic leadership style. In turn, Aquarius respects Virgo’s no-nonsense, practical outlook and productivity. Virgo is more flexible than you are — they roll with the punches more readily. Your Virgo lover could help you keep track of all the details so that almost nothing slips between the cracks. When couples are busy, one of the partner’s organizational ability can be a great asset. If you develop a measure of fame in your life, Virgo would be your ideal behind-the-scenes manager (where they are happiest) in order to organize your schedule, meet with accountants, negotiate the finer points of your contract, set a realistic budget, traffic your orders, and suggest ways in which you can fix the flaws in your plan. Don’t underestimate the power of having a Virgo on your side.

Take your time if you are dating a Virgo, and make sure you like the fit. If none of the down sides of this relationship seem to apply, you apparently have planets in your charts that override this Sun sign outlook. In that case, move forward with confidence!


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