I am Aquarius, My Lover is Taurus

This is not an easy match, unless you have some extra earth signs in your horoscope to compensate. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, a tough combination because neither of you is likely to budge from your position. Pure stubbornness could kill your union.

There are other difficulties: Sexually, Taurus is a very tactile sign that needs reassurance and frequent demonstrations of love, whereas you don’t need lots of affectionate displays. Taurus are creatures of comfort — sensuous and deeply sexual in orientation — and although you enjoy sex, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of your life. After the initial passion of your relationship cools off, you could feel your Taurus demands too much from you. Taurus are also prone to being possessive, something you don’t appreciate because you value your space. You have your projects, your experiments, and your goals, and you may find a Taurus won’t understand your focus on the world outside of this relationship. Passive resistance is a Bull’s specialty, and this could put more pressure on your relationship when your Taurus finds no other way to get your attention.

Though Taurus’ strong practicality, reliability, and steadfastness may have been what drew you to one another initially, these qualities may not continue to impress you later on. You may find life with a Taurus boring. Taurus have a strong conservative streak, and you — a true futurist — are just the opposite. In politics, you may not see eye to eye.

Furthermore, your lover may not understand your desire to innovate and your conceptual take on issues; Taurus don’t spend time analyzing things like you do. In terms of lifestyle, Taurus like to stay home and surround themselves with all kinds of comforts, while you need to go out and get stimulated by the big, bad world.

If you love a Taurus, it is obvious that you have come to enjoy the very best Taurus traits. In turn, your lover has apparently learned to enjoy and encourage your individuality, your liberal views, and your need to help others. It has been said that Aquarius belong to the world, not to one person; his or her role is to lead others and light the path to a better society. If your relationship is working, apparently you have found that rare Taurus that will push you to reach for the stars, even if it means giving up some time with them.

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