I am Aquarius, My Lover is Libra

This is a sassy, exciting pairing of two similar souls, sure to be a hit. You both enjoy lots of social activity, and neither would expect the other to wait at home in the traditional sense. In fact, ordering dinner in several times a week will be the only way to handle the busy schedule you both lead! Your coupling is thoroughly modern.

But even the best relationship demands that the partners accommodate each other. In your case, be mindful that Libras care about social acceptance, while you don’t give a fig about it. Ruled by idiosyncratic Uranus, Aquarius’ job in life is to press forward and to make all kinds of new discoveries. In doing so, you will run up against the Establishment at times. This frightens Libra, for this Venus-ruled sign’s job is to bring opposing forces together. They want to be popular and will go out of their way to bring harmony to relationships. You can see how your roles differ; in many ways, Aquarius is a sign of extremes. Libra’s friends are likely to be in the arts, yours in the sciences; nevertheless, your friends mix well. And Libras entertain beautifully, so your parties would be much-talked-about affairs!

Libras like to be married, but Aquarius like space and freedom; commitment doesn’t come quickly or easily. Sexually, you link up in a heavenly way, with plenty of fun, wit and experimentation. You will enjoy Libra’s use of perfume or cologne (female or male, this sign is a fragrance wizard) and their refined, cultured personal style. Libra takes good care of their physical appearance well into old age. Your Libra will enjoy your quixotic and playful approach to sex.

Your Libra is the romantic of the two of you, so let him or her take the lead for some starlit evenings. Physically, you are on the same plane, but you aren’t as emotional as a Scorpio, a Pisces, or a Cancer. However, your Sun sign lights up Libra’s house of true love, so the bond remains very strong here, even though to the outside world you may appear to have a cool, detached, and analytical relationship. Your Libra lights up your house of deep philosophical thought and distant travel.

This match gets a four-star rating. If things go wrong, it isn’t because you aren’t suited to one another. Both of you are air signs — like-elements get along great together. In your case, you both know how to communicate clearly, objectively, and you share an overriding quest for truth. You will have a rich, busy, and noisy life together. Sounds like fun!

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