I am Aquarius, My Lover is Leo

Leo is 180 degrees away from Aquarius in the zodiac, indicating that you two will either snap together like two jigsaw puzzle pieces or else kill each other. There is no in-between! My bet is you will find an ideal mate with Leo. Fire sign Leos like the air element you provide to the relationship, for it makes their fire burn brighter. You like Leo’s attachment to luxury and culture, even though you wouldn’t indulge nearly as much on yourself if you were left to your own devices.

Leo’s generosity and sense of fun is good for you both, and your partner admires your strong intellectual logic. One problem is that you are both fixed signs. This may mean that if you hold opposing views, you may attempt to stare each other down and wind up at an impasse. Unless one of you develops some flexibility, this ride together could go nowhere.

Leo’s are rather patrician, and think of themselves as having attained some sort of social status that maybe they haven’t quite earned. Social classes and snobbery drive democratic Aquarius up the wall, so if this gets out of control, it could be something that has to be discussed honestly. You march to a different drummer, and approval from others is something you have never needed. Understand, though, that Leos need respect and admiration from others nearly as much as they need oxygen. Leos will never be able to give this up, so don’t even try to change them. All you can do is try to keep their expectations realistic — with your objective point of view this shouldn’t be too hard.

Leos’ egos are strong, and they will need lots of attention from you, which could be another problem. It is not that you have a big ego too — you don’t — but it’s the time that it takes to cater to their needs that could be troublesome. You lose yourself in your projects for extended periods, much to your partner’s dismay.

Sexually, your Leo is expressive and warm, bringing all kinds of luxuries into the bedroom to coax you into the mood, using fragrant flowers and the best champagne. Your Leo has a playful, dramatic style, which will be fun. Be aware, however, that your need to be a bit aloof will not sit well with a Leo. Leos feel that passion is one of the best parts of life, and they expect not only your presence but your enthusiastic participation, too. Here you may benefit from your association, for Leos are right. Sometimes you are a tad too serious and work-obsessed!

You both have an adventurous view of the world, so things could be good between you, despite a few bumps along the way. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. Do some creative fantasizing, Aquarius!

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