I am Gemini, My Lover is Scorpio

Can light and airy Gemini find happiness with a dark and mysterious Scorpio? Absolutely! This is not a classic pairing, yet I see it work and often for logical reasons.

Let’s first look at your differences, then at what pulls you together. Scorpios are not the talkers that Gemini are — they could go for days without pulling their heads out of the newspaper, balance sheets, or whatever else they have attacked intensely. Scorpio’s talent is to dig deeply under things and get at the roots. Scorpio lovers can get obsessed, but you adore that kind of intensity because it is so alien to you. They are also great in bed, you lucky Twin, for you will find them self-assured, sensual, sexy, sophisticated, and a little bit dangerous (but only in a good way, of course) — a virtual 007 or Mata Hari. Scorpio will make love with an attentiveness and depth of emotion that will give you thrhills — with Scorpios it’s all or nothing.

You are open but Scorpio is secretive, always holding his or her cards close to the vest. When you fight, your Scorpio can sulk for days, as you attempt to clear the air and drop your anger. However, when your Scorpio is troubled, you may not know it for days; Scorpios can slowly stew in their unhappy feelings, and may not be sure themselves what the problem is. You can help your Scorpio by gently drawing him or her out. You are a master of words: precise, clear and objective, and Scorpios like this in you. They also admire your flexibility and adaptability; being a fixed sign, Scorpios have none of that. You are also very resourceful; when faced with a difficulty, you always find options. Even in a crisis, your intellect never fails you. On the other hand, Scorpios rely on instinct and intuition, which never let them down. Their psychic antennae are always up and receiving. They may help you avoid trouble in the first place!

If you can deal with your Scorpio’s moods and possessiveness, you can have a joyous relationship that can last for years. You will need to be loyal to your Scorpio, for he or she will not suffer betrayal. You are air, they are water, and together you can create quite a happy relationship.

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