I am Aries, My Lover is Leo

This is a sensational meeting of kindred souls, a sunny relationship filled with light, power, energy and strength. Snap up this lover who was made to satisfy an Aries.

There will be no shortage of bright ideas, spicy conversations, and adventurous things to do. Your Leo’s Sun falls in your 5th house of love, so this match has many qualities that will make you happy. You’ll adore Leo’s big heart and his or her way of being able to make you smile no matter how tough a day you’ve had. You both are fire signs, so you want to push the boundaries of life to the limit and discover the world around you. Fire signs are highly creative, so ideas will flow easily between you. The key to your success is that your expectations are big — and on the same vibration. Because you want so many of the same things, you can make them come more easily.

Your lover adores romance and will surprise you in many different ways. Dining out is one of Leo’s favorite things to do, so it’s a sure thing you’ll get to see some of the swanky places in town. Leo also is a snappy dresser — male and female Leos always look put together, even if in the most offhanded way. They expect you to make an effort, too. Tired, tattered jeans and sweats day after day isn’t going to get their heart thumping any faster. Your lover is very visual and needs to be attracted to what he or she sees on you as well as what is in you. Leo is a master of seduction, yet Aries likes to lead, so you may have to hand your lover the controls now and then. Don’t worry — this is one “war” in which you’ll gladly surrender to your captor!

In bed is where you see how this tryst will lead to commitment. Love is hot, sweet, tender, and all-around terrific! You both have an awesome sense of passion, and sizzle up enough energy to blast a rocket to the moon. The Lion or Lioness is a proud cat, so never, never stray, dear Ram, or there will be hell to pay. Like you, Leo wants to win and be your one-and-only; being chosen second best would never be enough.

Are either of you practical? No, but you’re highly productive, so hopefully you’ll both generate enough cash to keep the wolf from the door. This is a partnership of two bosses, for both of you like to take charge. This is why you generate such strong electrical currents! There will always be dynamic tension present between you. Leo is a fixed sign, so you may bemoan their stubbornness at times. As the slightly more flexible of the two, you may have to bend to achieve closure. You know this is never easy for you. When the Lion and the Ram fight, they have screaming matches, with the Lion’s roar intended to intimidate the Ram into submission. Better not to allow things to get out of hand. Suggest instead, in the sexiest, most erotic way, that you make up. Once hurt, the Lion’s pride is hard to nurse back to health, so always let your lover save face if you want this union to survive.

You are made for one another and understand each other’s needs, so don’t let this sensual feline get away!

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